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A Twin calculator application.
It's a perfect interchange in sharp Japanese word input method (fixed number calculation and the %).
The memory function of the substantiality. RM+CM,RCM+STO (setting change need)
Old game calculator: With a digital invader
Key arrangement corresponds more than 30 models of SHARP,Canon,CASIO.
About which the design and the function were particular

● The function
* It's interchanged with Japanese word input method of the sharp system perfectly.
*Twin Calculator.
*All memory SAVE
*8-15 digit calculation (It's possible to change it.)
*x/ Priority calculation (setting change need). Example 2+3*4=14. (It'll be 20 by an over-the-counter calculator.)
* Copy of the calculation value (chief influence of the price)
* Figure end (integer and small number)
*%, π,√ and memory
*STO memory function. It's used by RM,CM or R.CM choice.
*Exp function. 00 and choice use
* Consumption tax (It's possible to change the tariff.)
* answer checking function
* fixed point
* zero slash choice indication (slanted line of 0)
* manufacturer model another key arrangement change (Fixed number calculation is also a sharp system by CASIO key arrangement.)
* The game function (digital invader wind) (old game calculator)

● Use method
O calculators
○ About a STO memory.
The memory function to [0] - [9].
STO= [RCL] [RCL] [0-9].. memory writing in is writing in by [RCL] twice of<-.
RCL= [RCL] [0-9].. a memory calling
STO memory lumping clearance = [RCL] [RCL] [CA]
[CA] but the price into which a memory doesn't disappear is preserved. (It's possible to change it.)
One of *STO+R.CM or CM+RM is chosen, it'll be use.
When liking a memory system of *R.CM, would you change it on the setting screen (STO=OFF)?

O games (digital invader)
In 1980 year, I'm an originator of a game calculator.
1 digit of sight in the left end where an invader (number) comes from the right (itself) is changed and launched.
[AIM]= number change in the sight
[FIRE]= launch
n expresses a UFO and scores high points.
Starting = the menu-> GAME
End= [CA]
The way stopping/beginning = [C.CE]
It's possible to change the presence of sound and the number direct launch on the setting screen.

A fort (oneself)= 3
An A face = 1-or 9 sides
A B face = 1-or 9 sides

Translation correction, please.
Bug report, please.

from japan
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