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This app is designed for use by people familiar with the ketogenic diet (see to learn what these diets are, their benefits, and why our formula is the simplest fail-proof way to stay ketogenic). This is not a general diet/nutrition app, but ONLY INCLUDES A CALCULATOR which yields a ratio indicating how ketogenic one's food is (per meal or daily).

KetoCalc has not re-invented the wheel by including a database of macronutrient amounts (proteins, carbs and fats in foods), so when planning meals according to our instructions, one needs to determine the total number of macronutrients with another general nutrition/fitness app. Such apps include Lose It! (free version does a great job, you can reach it from our menu) or MyFitnessPal (paid version is needed to yield macro totals). None of these tell how ketogenic meals are, but one can easily switch to KetoCalc to enter the total macronutrient amounts and see how ketogenic one's meal is.

STOP TAKING CHANCES NOW – Conventional urine ketosticks can yield inaccurate results, while painful blood tests or breath ketone analyzers are expensive. These only allow you to see if your food was ketogenic AFTER your meals, while this indispensable app lets you accurately PRE-PLAN ketogenic meals to avoid taking chances.

FASTEST WAY TO LEARN WHAT A REAL KETOGENIC MEAL LOOKS LIKE – please read our clear instructions ( now to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to succeed at staying ketogenic on your diet, at a one-time cost less than that of a box of ketosticks.

OTHER KETOGENIC RATIO CALCULATORS USE AN INACCURATE FORMULA which adds protein and carbs together in a ratio against fat, but carbs and protein do not contribute equally to the degree of anti-ketosis. This popular simplified formula can result in underestimating the amount of protein needed to maintain muscle mass for a given ketogenic ratio. But KetoCalc is based on a well-tested formula developed by award winning researcher Rollin T. Woodyatt M.D., as explained in this post: The validity of Woodyatt's formula is confirmed by the success stories ( resulting from using KetoCalc posted online by independent parties.

DO NOT LET THE SIMPLICITY OF THIS APP FOOL YOU – see our 4 Step Process now ( to understand how this extremely useful app can prevent you from getting out of ketosis even if you occasionally eat higher carb foods, as further explained below.

REMAIN IN KETOSIS EVEN IF YOU SLIP – Few people know that even if one slips and eats too many carbohydrates at a meal, it is still possible to maintain ketosis if one eats a larger amount of fat. This may add up to too many calories to let one lose weight for that day, but one may still remain in ketosis and retain its health benefits by using KetoCalc to determine how much additional fat to eat. By not letting oneself get out of ketosis, one can also start losing weight again sooner as one maintains the body’s fat burning adaptation. Otherwise, going out of ketosis can require another long keto-adaptation period (

AVOID THE 3 PITFALLS OF WEIGHT LOSS ON A LOW CARB DIET – Our instructions ( also teach about the three pitfalls which can prevent weight loss or even cause weight gain on a ketogenic diet, explaining how KetoCalc automatically prevents these pitfalls.

MAINTAIN KETOSIS WITHOUT EXCEEDING THE CALORIE LEVEL OPTIMAL FOR YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOAL – Again few people know that too many calories can stall weight loss or may cause weight gain even in ketogenic diets. But our calculator lets one adjust the macronutrient amounts to plan ketogenic meals without exceeding one's desired calorie level.

The app works offline and works very fast without irritating advertisements or infuriating pop-ups.

Feel free to email if you have questions and we will respond promptly.
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