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*** kokosil makes an outing enjoyable when you walk around the towns. ***
*** It is available in many areas, facilities and events, initially available in Ginza, Tokyo. ***

** How kokosil can help you. **

1. The latest town information on your device
- The latest information on the towns is pushed to your mobile device.
- News, events, updates from stores and word of mouth. Let’s visit stores that catch your attention.
- Start time of movies and other fresh information unique to the towns collected by kokosil is provided.

2. Finding places
- Information on the towns and stores is provided.
- Information can be searched by keywords, categories and barrier-free conditions.
- Word of mouth information is available. Please post the information on your favorite spots.

3. Enjoying a walk in the towns
- Bookmark places that may interest you. kokosil automatically lets you know when you approach the place.
- [Coming soon!] Tour guide function shows you around the recommended spots in the towns.
- [kokosil Ginza only!] If you approach the kokosil tags in stores, you can obtain the information on the stores.
- [kokosil Ginza only!] If you approach the ucode tags on the lamp posts along Chuo-dori ave. and Harumi-dori ave., you can obtain the information on the nearby area.

** Service in multiple languages **
- This service is available in multiple languages according to the needs of service areas.
- kokosil Ginza is available in Chinese (Chinese and simplified Chinese characters), English and Korean as well as Japanese

** To use the service **
- kokosil account is required to use some features of this application.
- This service is provided according to “kokosil License Agreement” in the next URL, and the users shall agree to the terms and conditions.
- http://ginza.kokosil.net/ja/terms
- This application offers no guarantee of the accuracy, utility and certainty of the information to be provided.
Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation shall bear no responsibility for any kind of damages occurring as a result of, or in relation to the use of the application.
- As this application is based on always-on connection and performs packet communication frequently, it is recommended to subscribe to packet flat-rate services with payment ceiling before using this application.

** Operating environment, etc. **
- This application runs on smartphones with iOS 6.0 and above.
- The following software is used for this application.
- BHTabBar : https://github.com/fictorial/BHTabBar/blob/master/LICENSE
- JSCustomBadge : https://github.com/jessesquires/JSCustomBadge/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
- MFSideMenu : https://github.com/mikefrederick/MFSideMenu/blob/master/LICENSE
- MNMToast : https://github.com/emenegro/toast/blob/master/MNMToast/MNMToast/MNMToast.h
- MurmurHash3 : http://code.google.com/p/smhasher/wiki/MurmurHash
- RATreeView : https://github.com/Augustyniak/RATreeView/blob/master/LICENCE.md
- SVProgressHUD : https://github.com/samvermette/SVProgressHUD/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
- TUSafariActivity : https://github.com/davbeck/TUSafariActivity/blob/master/LICENSE.md
- WYPopoverController : https://github.com/nicolaschengdev/WYPopoverController/blob/master/LICENSE

** About “kokosil” **
- kokosil is a general-purpose information platform to help visitors on foot and on wheel chairs in a town.
- Events such as photography contest, stamp rally (a fun event where you walk around an area to collect all the stamps to win a prize) and others for the place are being planned.
- For details, please see the website: http://kokosil.net
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