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It’s a multipurpose app for individuals, businesses, organizations to track any person such as business staff, field staff, sales executive , family members etc. KOMPASS app is also fit for use as , office attendance app , where every reporting staff has this app installed on his phone and he sends a Check -In on his arrival and check out on his departure from the office.

KOMPASS home screen buttons-

1.The first button of share location , enables user to share his current location with anybody .
2.The check in/check out button , when clicked and shared enables the recipient to see the sender’s location in the notification folder. It’s storage-able for any further reporting in business, work or personal .
3.The add place button is to add new address in the saved location folder.



1. Save your frequently used locations like home, office etc and share it with your guests, clients, customers, executives, courier boys, food delivery guys or even a cab driver.
2. Sharing through KOMPASS enables the recipient to get , not only gps link of your location but also , text address and contact number associated with that location.
3. KOMPASS makes location sharing , just a one click effort by the sender.
4. No more repeated type and texting on your phone .just open app, go to saved locations,
Select location to share, send it to desired person.
5. share any saved locations , just like a contact number is shared from a mobile phone.
6. The location is delivered to the recipient as text SMS with GPS link,even if app is not installed in his phone.
7. KOMPASS text SMS charges (in India) are fully borne by meo.co.in , the sender does not pay for it.
8. For the recipient , the text SMS , not only has GPS link to his destination, but also complete text address and contact number of the sender ,to help him in situations where the network is absent and GPS not working.


1. KOMPASS is the first app which enables users to check-in/check out from a current location.
2. Check-in is a virtual , digital stamp for the user to claim his arrival at a particular location at a given time.check-out is used to claim his departure from that location.
3. Check-in /check-out can be done only when gps is on , and current location is displayed on home screen.
4. The user can only check in from his current location and cannot manipulate to check-in from any other location .
5. Even sharing a location or a checkin/check out with a person, not having the app is also
possible. The person will receive the checkin/check out , in a sms.
6. To use this feature of the app for tracking field employees /business staff, or as office
attendance app, select upgrade kompass button from the menu.
7. Download kompass pro , and sign up to enjoy unlimited check-in, check-out.
8. Get monthly, daily report of your team members on your mail id .


1.Get the kompass app installed on all the devices you want to track.
2.Install kompass app in your device also.
3.Ask the person to send check-in’s , check-outs to your device from the location he is supposed to report to you. Note – the person cannot alter his current location , so all check-ins are temper proof location wise.
4.All the check-in’s/out will arrive in your notification folder.
5.Open each check-in/out and click to see the location of the sender.
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