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 Laokang® Character Conqueror 1.4


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“Crack the code” to mastering characters with “Character Conqueror”! Learn the meaning of 170 root words, then acquire Chinese vocabulary quickly and forget it slowly. Do this without writing, counting strokes or learning stroke order. Demonstrate your knowledge by passing tests using the app's specially designed keyboard. Go to the head of the class; wow your friends with your amazing vocabulary.

Based on the research of Ye Changyuan, this app is designed by Laokang, who lived in China over 25 years and now teaches Chinese at Wheaton College in the United States. Laokang has six Chinese language learning apps in the store.

What’s different about Laokang Character Conquerer:

Covers all 170 root words (components) in the language.

Gives the ancient meaning of these roots.

Groups the roots into 10 manageable categories (e.g. “Animals” and “Earth/sky”).

Describes how the shape of the root components relates to their meanings.

Allows you to identify every part of every character in the language through an advanced level.

Prepares you to use Laokang Lookup to find any official character in the Chinese language based on partial knowledge of the character.


This app is focused on simplified Characters, which have been in use in Mainland China since 1954. The app is useful for traditional characters (in use in Hong Kong and Taiwan), but is not complete with respect to them.

One character can mean several different things. “Tree,” “wood” and “things made of wood,” for example, are all represented by the same character. This app does not attempt to give you an exhaustive list of all meanings, rather we select the one definition which is most representative. Likewise, we have selected older meanings of certain roots, because that is more useful when trying to understand how those roots are combined into other words. The word for “car,” for example, we define as “cart”.
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