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 Laser Light Hero Speed Crime Battle 1.0

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Use your destructive laser light as your ultimate weapon against thug fighters and gangsters in Laser Light Hero Speed Crime Battle. You super laser hero aka super light hero will join this avengers fight and battle of superheroes. Enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting and punch, kick or light combat in this superhero RPG fighting game. Deal with all the avenger melee attacks as speed hero. You are born to be a super hero and will be lead as a captain of the city because you have super attack battling powers to control enemies in this crime battle. The peaceful city turned into a crime city and evil world. The grand vehicle thefts and robbery crimes which are occurring frequently and out of the control of the city cops of the survival city. People need super hero and you are the last hope as super light hero city rescue missions as light super hero avenger. Join the mortal battle of the superheroes and for this you need to play Laser Light Hero Speed Crime Battle. Best thing of flying light hero is usage of ultimate laser light battling attack.

City needs a super captain who can lead from the front in this battle of the ultimate superheroes avenger. Be a street crime fighter in laser light hero speed crime battle, wide range of superhero fighting squad flying light hero and flying laser speed hero to lead the City Rescue Missions. Join the battle of real superheroes and be Captain with power of avenger. Crime town needs a very effective rescue missions and city survival missions. It's time for the super light captain hero to attack. So if you see any other revolt in city you have to take action against thugs, mafia gangsters and villains.

It’s your duty to bring back the peace and justice in the city. Use your flash speed running ability as speed hero and attack with your special laser light ⚡ which will create destruction and will destroy the empire of mafia. The task of the super light hero is to destroy the crime villains plans in the flash speed light hero avenger battle. Laser Light Hero Speed Crime Battle you need to use your super powers at the right time as fictional hero. Use other attacks while fighting in the streets like karate, kung Fu, super punch and lightning fast kick. Super hero light city battle has just begun among the immortal crime powers and mortal light hero with laser superhero powers in incredible superhero fight game.

Features in Laser Light Hero Speed Crime Battle:

⚡ Play as light superhero & use speed laser attack powers.
⚡ Start battle of superheroes for the justice & lead city as legend captain who is real avenger.
⚡ Fight against mafia lords, criminals & thug gangs in mortal battle.
⚡ Surprise attack on enemies various combat missions in survival city.
⚡ Smooth controls while incredible fighting against enemy.
⚡ Ultimate final city battle against super villains as incredible super hero.

Be a top leader or avenger to fight against other superheroes in their own community. Play as superheroes light captain hero in win the deadly combats in Laser Light Hero Speed Crime Battle. Xtreme actions and battlefield environment.
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