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Launchora is a storytelling platform and community – one where you can create, share, and explore stories. A place where everyone is welcome, and where every story is as unique as the person who is telling it. Never miss a moment or creative idea by writing your ideas/thoughts/characters right on your phone. Publish it right away or finish it on your computer through our website.

Everyone has a story - whether it is something you've imagined, or seen, or felt, or experienced.

Share your story as you live it; write your story as you imagine it.

Write and Read

You can write and publish your story instantly - love, life, poetry, mystery, humor, fan fiction - genre no bar, in any language and share it with other writers and readers from all over the world.
Write about your life and experiences, and read and connect with stories that even make strangers feel familiar. Create your first character, or refine the ones you’ve kept within you for years.
A place, right at the palm of your hands, containing stories to suit your current mood, to make your day a little brighter. Step out of monotony and get your daily hit of romance, ideas, life teachings, horror fiction, confessions.
Discover and lose yourself in the world of incredible stories written by everyday people.


Live and experience these stories and share your thoughts with the community. Tell the writer how their story made you feel, ask them questions, and connect over this shared experience. Give out opinions and recommendations on your favorite stories, and follow the writers you like to get notified when they publish their next story.


Writing can be quite an isolating experience. Sometimes, being surrounded by like-minded storytellers can be a good place to take a break, and perhaps find inspiration for your next story.
When you’re done writing, or just want to take a break – head to the Bar. Talk to the fellow storytellers - exchange story ideas, muse on life, share your personal experiences, discuss your favorite books, movies - talk about anything and everything. Start a conversation - or join one - about anything. When every one is a storyteller, every conversation is a good story.


Discover and find helpful guides where we go a level deeper into the art of storytelling; find the tips and help that you need to refine and recognize your creative writing and storytelling potential.


The writing process – whether on day one or one thousand – is not easy, and sometimes, we all need a second opinion on what we’re writing. That’s why we built The Garage - where you can bring in those unfinished, not-quite-ready, need-some-feedback, lost-in-itself, missing-something, been-in-draft-limbo stories - and let the community help you with constructive feedback and suggestions. Post your story, or help someone who has. Because stories get better with help.


Because at the end of the day, storytelling is supposed to be fun. Come and find eclectic storytelling writing exercises and challenges - which we collectively refer to as ‘adventures’ - and pump up your imagination with colorful and out-of-the-box story ideas.

Don’t believe any of the things we just said?

Download the App today and see for yourself.
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