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 Learn Android(XML,JAVA) 1.1

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1. Open the app.
2. Click on the card of the component you need info about.
3. Look and learn.

This is an under-the-development application to learn android. You will get the "basic" idea of the coding which needs to be done for setting up a particular UI component in Android.
This is still under development, it'll forego additional changes in the updates, there are still errors that need to be fixed, but hey, I'm working on it.
You can still contact me if you need some additional help regarding the code using the contact us page in the application.
This application contains the basic components such as,
A. Layouts:
1. LinearLayout
2. GridLayout
3. StaggeredGridLayout
4. FrameLayout
5. TableLayout
6. (Extra) TabLayout
B. Widgets
1. Buttons
2. EditTexts
3. Seekbar
4. TextView
5. Checkbox
6. Spinner
C. Views
1. CardView
2. ListView
3. RecyclerView
4. ScrollView
5. SearchView
6. WebView
D. Libraries
1. Glide
2. Google Maps API
3. Material Navigation Drawer by mikepenz

If not as a comprehensive guide, this application can be used by beginners for identifying which UI component they need to use.
When I started out as a beginner, I had to ask people what certain component is called in context of Android. I wanted to make an UI similar to StaggeredGridLayout, but I couldn't as I didn't know there was something like StaggeredGridLayout in Android, but when I got to know what I had to search, it got simpler.
A note for "hardcore developers" out there, if you find a mistake in the code, please inform me first beforehand, I'll push an update as soon as possible, please do not post bad review for a simple mistake which can be corrected.
Ads are kept minimal, they're just on the front page, this application was not made for making money, it was just made to help the beginners get just an Idea of what is in the Android. You can support me/ a student from India by clicking on the Ads.
Happy coding!
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