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DBMS (DataBase Management System)
A database management system (DBMS) is a computer software application that interacts with the user, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze data. A general-purpose DBMS is designed to allow the definition, creation, querying, update, and administration of databases.

These days databases are everywhere so every software developer needs to know the basics of DBMS
Chapters Included are..

DBMS Overview
DBMS - Architecture
DBMS - Data Models
DBMS - Data Schemas
DBMS - Data Independence

Entity Relationship Model
DBMS - ER Model Basic Concepts
DBMS - ER Diagram Representation
DBMS - Generalization, Aggregation

Relational Model
DBMS - Codd's Rules
DBMS - Relational Data Model
DBMS - Relational Algebra
DBMS - ER to Relational Model
DBMS- SQL Overview

Relational Database Design
DBMS - Database Normalization
DBMS - Database Joins

Storage and File Structure
DBMS - Storage System
DBMS - File Structure

Indexing and Hashing
DBMS - Indexing
DBMS - Hashing

Transaction And Concurrency
DBMS - Transaction
DBMS - Concurrency Control
DBMS - Deadlock

Backup and Recovery
DBMS - Data Backup
DBMS - Data Recovery

This app helps you learn the DBMS in detail
So Download and Get Learning
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