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Welcome to the exciting, gratifying world of high-level mountain biking. Remember that becoming a great rider is a long-term process. Be patient, take it one step at a time, and have fun! But before you go out and rip, let’s make sure your bike is up to the task.



Learn to Learn

Consider Getting Some Coaching

Step Up to a Higher Level

Mix and Match Your Skills


Chapter 1: Choose Your Weapon

Buy the Right Bike

Hardtail or Full Suspension?

Which Wheel Size Is Best for You?

Choose the Right Bike for Your Riding Style

Understand the Bike’s Geometry

Customize Your Bike for Your Riding Style

Bike Setup


Chapter 2: Become One With Your Bike

Get Ready to Suck Less

Master Your Body

Learn How to Touch Your Bike

Get Into Attack Position

Now Get Out of Attack Position

Find Balance

Stay on Your Feet

Loading and Unloading

Mounting and Dismounting

Chapter 3: Control Your Speed

Slow the Heck Down

Don’t Let Your Lizard Run Your Brakes

Know Your Stopping Distance

Brake With Intention

Battle Braking Bumps

Chapter 4: Make Great Power

Pay Attention to Posture

Basic Seated Pedaling

Master These Pedaling Drills

Standing Pedaling


Make Mad Power With These Tips

Spin to Win

Training Tips From a Pro

Chapter 5: Carve Every Corner

Understand the Basics of Every Turn

How Bikes Turn

Master the Art of Changing Direction

Ride Smart Lines

Lean to the Right Degree

One Foot Down or Feet Level?

Inside Foot In or Out?

Rail Berms

Carve Flat Turns

Survive Off-Camber Turns

Conquer Switchbacks

Skid Into Loose Corners

Pump Berms for Free Speed

Deal With Drift

Chapter 6: Ride Down Almost Anything

It’s Simpler Than You Think

Coasting Down a Hill

Rolling Down a Ledge

Flying Off a Drop

Wheelie Drop

Chapter 7: Ride Up Almost Anything

Common Climbing Errors

Keys to Easy Climbing

Pedaling Up a Hill

Transitioning From Flat to Steep

Pedaling Up a Steep Face

Floating Up a Vertical Ledge

Chapter 8: Pump Bumps for Free Speed

What Is Pumping?

Pumping Step 1: Arms

Pumping Step 2: Legs

Pumping Step 3: Arms and Legs

Add Pump to Your Riding

Pumping a Berm

Pump Tracks: The Hottest Thing Since Singletracks

Chapter 9: Wheelie, Manual, and Hop Like a Boss

Lift Your Front Wheel

Lift Your Rear Wheel

Get Over Small Obstacles

Hop Over Large Obstacles

Lunge Onto a Ledge


Kung Fu Power Wheelie

Real Bunny Hop


Pump-Manual Hop

Pedal Hop

Chapter 10: Might as Well Jump

Learn to Jump

Dial Your Jumping Style

Handle All Sorts of Jumps

Chapter 11: Avoid Injuries

Chronic Injuries

Acute Injures

Stay Out of Trouble

Common Mistakes and Their Fixes

So You’re in Trouble . . .

Top Exercises to Prevent Injury and Improve MTB Performance

Rip It for a Lifetime

Chapter 12: Handle Every Condition

Unnecessary Roughness

Slippery When Wet

Soft, Deep, and Loose

Avoiding the Rut

Riding the Skinnies

Fatbiking in Winter

Chapter 13: Flow on Any Trail

See Better to Go Faster

Pick Great Lines

Dial In Your Speed

Ride With a Reserve


Match Your Line and Speed to Your Skills

Find a State of Flow

Know Why You Ride

Chapter 14: Race Like a Champ

Strengthen Your Mind


Pump Track Racing

Dual Slalom




24-Hour Races
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