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Hydroponics is the cultivation of planting by using water without using soil with emphasis on the fulfillment of nutritional needs for plants. Water requirements in hydroponics are less than water requirements on cultivation with soil. Hydroponics use water more efficiently, so it is suitable to apply to areas with limited water supply.

In the language study, hydroponics comes from the word hydro which means water and ponos which means work. Thus, hydroponics has a free understanding of cultivation techniques by emphasizing the fulfillment of nutritional needs for plants, or in the daily sense of landless farming. From this sense it appears that the emergence of hydroponic cultivation techniques begins by the increasing human attention to the importance of fertilizer needs for plants.

Wherever the growth of a plant will still be able to grow properly if the nutrients (nutrients) needed is always sufficient. In this context the function of the soil is to buffer plants and water is a solvent of nutrients, to then be absorbed by plants. It is this mindset that ultimately gives birth to a hydroponic cultivation technique, where the emphasis is on the fulfillment of nutritional needs.

Hydroponic planting technique is an environmentally friendly farming technique. Vegetables grown with hydroponics are healthier and safer to consume. Some people may still be very strange with hydroponic plants. But actually there are many people who use this planting method of this one.

The development of this method of planting is not experiencing a very rapid growth. The reason, some people feel hesitant to apply it for fear of the quantity of the crop. But actually the harvest of hydroponic planting techniques have good quality and quantity.

Hydroponic planting techniques can not be applied to all types of plants. Only a few are suitable and able to thrive with satisfactory results.
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