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LiveStuff is the solution to our most vexing problem - trying to find information on things is time consuming and frustrating, because it is not connected to the important stuff in our lives.

If any of these examples resonate with you, then you need Personal Clouds of Connected Content:
1. Frustrated trying to find the manual on your [fridge/ATV/Car/TV/HiFi].
2. Want to remember this great [wine/beer/snack] to buy later
3. Need to manage a list of [tiles/music/guests] options with your [wife/friends/bride] for the [patio/party/wedding]
4. Often forget that [book/move/wine/TV Show] your [friend/Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders] recommended
5. Find [emai/sms/phone calls]l frustrating as a way to plan a [trip/event/party] with [friends/co-workers/family]
6. Can never remember that important [date/phrase/article/VIN/model number] when you need it
7. Get frustrated trying to find the correct [chain/part/fuel filter/tire] for your [chainsaw/weber grill/ATV/car]
8. Wish you had the [service/medical/maintenance] history for your [car/pet/garden/art] n your hand
9. Would love more information on the [Art/History/Menu Item/Computer/Truck] when you are in the [Gallery/Museum/Restaurant/Store/Dealership]
10. Wished you could tell the world about [products/people/ideas/issues/events/articles/advice/insights] and not have it gone in 15s
11. Need to know whether the [width/weight/height] of a [fridge/boat/pet] [fits] in [your kitchen/trailer/flight]

Personal Clouds of Connected Content
1. Give you instant access to content on the stuff you own: the manuals, accessories, videos, etc.
2. Provide you with information on the stuff you want to acquire: specification, comparisons, reviews, ratings, etc.
3. Allow you to share the stuff you care about: your favorite books, wines, movies, apps, pets, family, photos, articles, videos, food, places, etc.
4. Showcase and share your accomplishments: places visited, restaurants you recommend, races you have run, recipes you have cooked, projects you have built, etc.
5. Manage and collaborate on things to do: places to visit, projects to complete, things to buy, goals to accomplish, big ticket shopping lists, events, etc.
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