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Anyone who sees true learning as understanding an idea, concept or a phenomenon through its practical application is ‘us’. We strongly in this bottom up approach, which is, beginning the learning process from observing and understanding a practical application and working up towards understanding the core idea or concept. For instance, learning how an aircraft flies in order to understand Bernoulli’s theorem.

We are a group of self-motivated individuals who strongly believe in this cause and working towards making application based learning as the universal norm. Two years ago, all that we had was just the cause but now we are on our epic journey towards giving life to it. We acknowledged the immense potential social media offers in spreading the good word and so we started off by doing educational videos in 2014 via our YouTube channel LMES (Let’s Make Engineering Simple) focusing primarily on science and engineering concepts.

During this course, we noticed an enormous appetite in the society to learn science and engineering concepts in more practical and simpler ways. We saw it as good omen and followed our path gracefully by doing more videos explaining complicated science and engineering concepts using their practical application. This journey has been evolutionary and revolutionary broadening our focus to education on the whole. We have evolved to try make education simple rather than engineering.

Imagine a world where education is perceived to be so interesting as a hobby, a world where understanding is spontaneous, instant and perfect and a world where education is chosen voluntarily rather than a forced duty. This world is neither an imagination anymore nor in a distant future but an eventual reality. We, here in LMES Academy, are striving towards making this reality today.

Only those things we understand, interest us. Be it sports, music or any other hobby. Education is no exception and understanding is the primary quality. How do we do that? It’s simple since there is only one way out there to make it possible, “Application Oriented Learning” which is the natural way to learn.

For instance, you watch a person driving a car really fast. A deer happens to jump on his way and he applies brakes suddenly, what happens next? Would this experiment teach you inertia (Newton’s second law of motion) better or a white board dumped with equations? An equation is just a mathematical representation of a phenomenon and hence, beginning our learning from observing a phenomenon in its natural state and working our way down to equations is the right and only way to learn.

This is what we are and will be doing via LMES Academy. The videos that we have published so far are the standing proof. We are happy to learn that you too believe in this cause.
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