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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


What if there was an app to run at the background where and keep you on alert based on where are you at that point? Remind you to do shopping when you are in 1 mile radius from a supermarket? or lets say you have a restraining order and the app reminds you when you stepping into the boundaries?
Sounds cool right?

Most importantly, your data won't be stored by a tech giant whom may sell you out for their gain. All the data will be stored locally and you have 100% control over the app.


The app is simply a blank geo reminder. You need to feed in your local supermarket postcodes, or whatever the places you need reminder to go for.

Then, you can set up the custom radius 0 mile to 100 miles for trigger the remind

You choose what the reminder should say

Finally and most importantly trigger the reminder "When Enter" or "When Exist" that zone
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