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 Local Language Navigation Maps: Voice Direction 1.0

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Local Language Maps
We are offering unique feature in the maps and navigation that will allow users and travelers to explore the historical places in the local languages maps. When a tourist searches the location with Local Language Navigation Maps: Voice Direction app, the map will be displayed in that country language. It is very easy now to search and explore the local areas when there is a local language map. For example if you are search Russian Tower in Moscow, map will load the location info and surrounding map in Russian language. The Best map services for the local and regional people to travel.

World Navigation
If Only Local maps were given in local languages then it will be difficult for other countries tourists to explore your country. Mostly Tourists understand the English Language and use this as an International language for communication. So our app does not have limitations for international tourists. In “World Navigation” section, there is an Open World map for every possible navigational service like nearby places or Favorite places. Either these services are route navigation or Voice navigation.

A basic but most necessary navigation feature is now in this app. Compass is used for exact direction measurement in degrees and gives the basic visual information about the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST poles. A complete 360 ͦ angular display is a part of compass and it is used to move in specific direction in describes as 270 ͦW.
For the best results of compass, must calibrate before getting new information. Because of various factors can affect the magnetic field and its values so calibration is necessary.
For Technical Information you can enable the “Show Magnetic Field Strength” and the values will be below the compass screen.

Key Features:
3D, 2D Maps. Satellite View. Terrain View. See live buildings and streets view
Show distance and travel time during route. Search any place and add into your favorites. Up-to-date map. Live street view map. Turn by turn voice unstruction. navigation & maps route. Offline worldwide map available. User friendly interface. Planning of Routes. information for POI’s (Points Of Interests). Local Language Navigation Maps: Voice Direction. Easy to use and Operate. Free downloads All World maps city by city. Small in size, Vast As World. 3D Building. Mark your point on map. Incredible level Of Zoom out / in. Share current Location with Family, Relatives & friends. Auto Detect the current location. Auto Fetch (get) the address off current location. Search any nearest point of interests. Not required to register, signup & login. Save your location histories.
Voice Navigation
A very easy and very helping tool while navigation is, Voice Navigation. That means you can input the Destination information by voice commands. When you are moving in vehicle and in driving seat, you have to concentrate on the driving the traffic around you. So there is no time to stop the car and type the address in a destination Bar. Voice Navigation is a best navigation tool for drivers. Just tap the button and start saying. Here we go!!

Address Fetcher with the Current Location
A new way to get the current location is an option of “Address Fetcher”. Mostly navigational and tracking apps pin your current location on the map and done. But our app distinguishes the other apps as this not only points your location but also fetch the Address of your location. A best, unique and easy way to get your address and share with your friends. The address will be pop up in the text format so you can easily copy and paste to the desired location or even can share directly from the pop up screen.
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