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36 popular logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and red herrings, ready to rubber-stamp your friends' messages!

Do your friends LOVE having their logic criticized? OF COURSE THEY DO!

From the classic "Straw Man" to the insidious "Confirmation Bias," these fallacies are alphabetized and color-coded for your pedantic convenience.

Each sticker has a brief explanation right in the stamp. Teach them fallacies they never even heard of!

Your friends deserve NO LESS.
If you like organized thinking, and can't get enough colored circles, you might like my other app: DotSpace. Organize bits of info using colors and shapes instead of boring lists! It's fun!

Full list of included stickers:


Affirming the Consequent - A Proves B ≠ B Proves A
Anecdotal Fallacy - Isolated Examples
Argument from Ignorance - Unproven ≠ False
Cherry Picking - Ignoring Contrary Cases
Circular Reasoning - Begging the Question
Denying the Antecedent - A Proves B ≠ Not-A Proves Not-B
Equivocation - Same Word, Different Meanings
Existential Fallacy - Assuming Existence
Fallacy of the Single Cause - May Be Multiple Causes
False Analogy - Comparison Does Not Fit
False Compromise - Middle Option Not Always Right
False Dichotomy - More than Two Options
Insufficient Evidence - Jumping to Conclusions
Kettle Logic - Arguments Contradict Each Other
Moving the Goalposts - Argument Already Countered
Perfect Solution Fallacy - Perfect Option May Not Exist
Post Hoc Fallacy - Correlation ≠ Causation
Proof by Assertion - Proven Wrong, Repeated Anyway
Special Pleading - Unjustified Exception
Wrong Direction - Reversed Cause and Effect


Backfire Effect - Belief Strengthened as Disproven
Clustering Illusion - Seeing Patterns in Randomness
Confirmation Bias - Seeing What You Expect
Negativity Bias - Remembering Bad Cases More


Ad Baculum - Persuasion by Threat
Ad Hominem - Attacking the Person
Ad Populum - The Majority Can Be Wrong
Appeal to Authority - Even Authorities Need Proof
Appeal to Emotion - Manipulation, Not Reason
Appeal to Tradition - Not Questioning the Past
Association Fallacy - Shared Traits ≠ The Same Thing
Chewbacca Defense - Meaningless Distraction
Ignoratio Elenchi - Maybe True but Irrelevant
Moralistic Fallacy - What Should Be ≠ What Is
Naturalistic Fallacy - What Is ≠ What Should Be
Straw Man Fallacy - Inventing a False Target
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