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 Logical Sentences 1.1.1

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Having trouble in Propositional Logic? Especially in understanding and solving logical sentences? Now you have at your disposal an app to help you!

The Logical Sentences consists of a logical calculator capable to generate the truth table, get solving tips, generate the binary tree and analyze any sentence. The app has several visual features that facilitate understanding and visualizing resolution priorities in a sentence.

The following is a detailed description about the app's features:

- Truth Table
The Truth Table is used to determine the logical values of composite propositions, from the allocation of all possible logical values in atomic propositions.

- Resolution
Enter any numerical sentence and get solving tips.

- Show implicit parentheses
Implicit parentheses are those who were not informed when entering the sentence, but it is as if they were present to justify the natural connective precedence.
For example: in the sentence P→Q∧R, as the conjuction connective "∧" has higher priority than the implication connective "→", we can say that this sentence has a pair of implicit parentheses. If we display them, the sentence would look like this: P→(Q∧R).

- Highlight pairs of delimiters
It is possible to highlight each pair of delimiters in a different color, or even the entire content inside them. The colors are directly related to the priorities: stronger colors indicate higher priority. The colors used are (from strongest to weakest): red, orange, yellow, light yellow.

- View step by step resolution
See each of the steps that must be taken to resolve the sentence.

- Get the binary tree of the sentence
The binary tree is a data structure. In this case is used to graphically represent the sentence, identifying unambiguously the order in which the sub-sentences must be solved. Facilitating the understanding of connective precedence.

- Analyze the sentence
Learn about each of the sentence’s components (numbers, connectives or other symbols).

You will also have at your disposal a short content divided into the following topics:

- Syntax
Read a text about the syntax of logical sentences, containing information components of a sentence and how it should be written.

- Semantics
Check out a resume about semantic interpretation of logical sentences.

- Connectives
Get information about each connective along with examples.

- Operator precedence
See a table of easy understanding that display the operator precedence.

- Higher priority delimiters
Read a brief description about each higher priority delimiter and how to use them.


Each informed sentence is automatically calculated, wrong results may be returned.
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