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Developed by Larissa Bastos and Adriano Silva

What is:
It is a game made for mobile devices, with the purpose of promoting the development and improvement of logical reasoning in children through mental exercises.

Assist in the development of logical reasoning in children, using fun as a learning tool.

The reasoning exercises used in the project can be applied in different age groups, bringing results highly beneficial to the individual, which can be taken for a lifetime.

How it works:
The game has two modes, the user can choose to play the Tower of Hanoi or solve a logic problem based on Einstein's IQ Test.

Tower of Hanoi is a "puzzle" consisting of a base containing three pins, in one of which are arranged some disks on each other, in order of increasing diameter, from top to bottom. The goal is to move all disks from the first to the last tower without a larger disk being on a smaller one, and moving only 1 single disk at a time.

IQ Test: Albert Einstein created this IQ test (Logical Reasoning) in the last century and stated that 98% of the world's population is not able to solve it.

Keywords: Game, game, logic, childish, education, educational
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