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 LogiCO2-Sniffer 1.0

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The LogiCO2 Sniffer is a product that communicates CO2 measurement values from LogiCO2’s CO2 Safety Systems, to Smartphones (iPhone or Android).

The LogiCO2 Sniffer is compatible to the Mk7, Mk9 and Mk10 CO2 sensor.

The LogiCO2 Sniffer can be connected to a CO2 Safety System that has a Central Unit or has “stand alone” CO2 sensors. It is connected through the “red” RJ45 cable that both powers and communicates with the LogiCO2 Sniffer.

The LogiCO2 Sniffer can monitor CO2 Safety Systems with up to eight sensors.
Install the LogiCO2 Sniffer App. and you are ready to receive the measurements from the Sniffer.

The LogiCO2 Sniffer is a beacon that broadcasts the measurements to all smartphones within range of the Bluetooth signal that currently are running the Sniffer-App. You need to scan for sensor signals from the Sniffer and have the App. running. Have the Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone.

The LogiCO2 Sniffer is a one way signal device, in other words the sniffers function can not compromise the functionality of the LogiCO2 Safety System. You can only read out the measurements.

The LogiCO2 Sniffer also logs the last two weeks of measured values for added safety. The last two weeks measurements are stored. Both the CO2 concentration (STEL) and the TWA value (PEL – Time Weighted Average) are stored every 15 minutes. To read out the logger in the App. you must have access to the Sniffer device.
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