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The 2WA LOGWUR (Logistcs Wherever You Are), is a communication platform aimed at the corporate environment. Fully compliance based, provides a complete management of the information (chats, quotations, tracking). Designed for desktop and mobile devices, with the ultimate technology and database concepts.Integrated with your business, allows information to be assimilated simply. May be sending information by e-mail, SMS or directly by mobile devices. Knowledge Management: When the data are capable of interpretation in a specific context, providing information, and if this is interconnected, so, this can generate knowledge. The integrated view of the data, information and knowledge leads to learning. Allows the administrator to create strategies based on the sequence of characters identified from the tracking of information exchanged. Through the use of geolocation you can collect information to improve your business. Your business connected. Powered on your information. Created a true and direct communication between you and your client.
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