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 Lone Survivor Contract Killer 1.2

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You are an ultimate lone survivor and assassin contract killer specialist in long-range kill shoots and close range assault attacks. To survive in this line of duty, you have to sneak and makeup your way in this assassination world; prove yourself as an elite marksman and the best contract lone killer. As a professional contract sniper killer and Elite lone survivor shooter you have been hired to eliminate the high profile targets.

Aim, target, shoot and kill, leave no marks or traces of assassination behind, in this action packed first person shooting (FPS) game, enter into the world of assassins and bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals, check your contracts and accept the secret assassination missions. Load your sniper rifle and clear the cross-hair scope, locate your contract target, take aim and go for the headshot, start your stealth contract assassin mission, don’t let the enemy trace you.

The enemy agents are all over the city, track your sniper scope for precision sniper skills, play the potential assassin role as these mafia are all over, carefully look around the frontline bravo commando and identify the targets, aim, shoot and kill is the strategy, you are a modern elite contract assassin and sniper shooter commando with high tech modern sniper and assault warfare weapons.

Mafia holocaust and apocalypse is continued, now its your chance to You have been assigned and given the contract to kill all the underworld mafia syndicate you have all the sniping gears, with enough bullets and loaded machine guns, assault rifles, grenades and ammunition with loaded machine guns with grenades and bravo assault rifle, you job is to take the targets and assassin them. Eradicate the free moving American sniper targets around the city. Contract Assassin Sniper Shooter will take you to a whirlwind, rise on top of the city skyscrapers and play your part in assassination of the targets.

As a contract assassin and lone survivor killer, play your role as an enforcer, you have to climb up the rooftop to eliminate and kill the bounty hunters, mobsters, gangsters and criminals, before assigning you the secret army and military mission, you will receive a killing contract, to accept the sniper elite and assassin’s secret missions you have to be quick and sharp. Follow orders from elite command and get the best vantage point to assassin the targets.

As a commando sniper and member of elite assassin agent of 47 squad you have to be the best and ultimate silent assassin, discover the most compelling assassin commando experience when taking down the frontline targets. Enemy of the state is all around take up the face off mission as a professional contract assassin killer specialist in modern Lone Survivor Contract Killer of warfare.

Track down the enemies and criminals as they are walking or using cars and transport like police cars, trucks, taxis and other vehicles, your task is to blow them away on the way and do not let them escape, take the perfect kill shot and kill them all, your mission is your top priority.

Be the best marksman and elite lone survivor and contract sniper killer, stare into your sniper rifle scope, zoom, search for the target and pull the trigger to take the best kill shot of your death target

Enjoy hunting and assassination of multiple targets at a time.
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