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 Lost in the Forest 1.0

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Game Lost in the Forest - a heavy horror, in the woods, after the crash of an airplane. The task of "lost in" is to survive, to build a shelter out of improvised materials, from them to get fire, start hunting as quickly as possible, so as not to go crazy with hunger, and this all requires studying the island, in which we will stumble upon various surprises, like hostile natives-cannibals.
How to play in game Lost in the Forest? What to do after the crash, of course, engage in gathering. Although the realization that we are alive, but still on the brink of extinction does not come immediately, but it will come when hunger begins to darken in the eyes, and from the thirst to let down the legs. Fortunately, after the first starvation we are a little learned and more competently set priorities, what should we do first. Let's take everything in order in order to survive in the forest.
In fact, although Lost in the Forest gives us freedom of action, the first classes are necessary for survival, it is hunting for animals, both forest and sea turtles, fish, sharks which are thrown ashore and so on. From the wreckage of the plane, or rather from the luggage, we pick up an ax that is great for hunting, cutting down the prey and, after all, self-defense, because going to the beast with bare hands is not easy. Hunting in Lost in the Forest requires special courage.
Cooking food in Lost in the Forest is quite simple, something like berries or chips can be eaten immediately, meat and fish should be cooked at the stake. To dilute this, it will not be difficult with the help of simple friction of a stick about a stick and dry leaves. There are several kinds of fires, but they differ only in the size and time of burning, the last level of the bonfire burns and heats us for hours, you just need to bring logs in time.
Creating houses in The Forest on android quite interestingly done. We choose what we want to build, and the silhouette of the house appears on the ground, at first it is a pair of logs supported by twigs, but this is enough to protect yourself from wind and rain.
All houses in the Lost in the Forest app require boards and twigs. The bigger the house we want to erect, and the trees need to be cut more. The construction of the house by and large consists in deforestation and transportation of logs on their own two.
Having built a house in the forest, picking berries, we calm down because Our chances of survival in the forest rose sharply, and then the fun begins. There is a desire to explore the island and hunt for large animals in the Lost in the Forest game. To do this, we are provided with a set of weapons and armor, which in essence are very simple.
Swords and axes in the Lost in the Forest rescue with one attack, and the armor and does give only resistance against damage. Everything is close to real conditions. But finding the resources to create more and more powerful equipment is quite fascinating, and the main thing is it stimulates and pushes us to find resources, which leads to adventure and exploration of the island.
Download game Lost in the Forest rescue on android.
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