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 Lost in the Labyrinth 1.0.0

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Lost in the Devilishly hard maze called the labyrinth, the nerdy spider is worried sick. Use this 8 legs (arrows) to help him reach the Spiral, his portal to the next world. But beware: legs once lost cannot be regained :-)

The labyrinth is treacherous, there lie zigzag obstacles to obstruct his movements, red green mushroom-like bouncers to send him in the opposite directions. But you have your friends to help you. Use the tricky switches to open one gate and close another, ride portals to travel to the other side of the universe, seek help from the heart-worm to get an extra leg.

But remember, you have 8 moves, and how well you utilize the environment all comes to how and in which order you will use those moves. Use them well, the obstacles, bouncer, portals, switches and gates will all conspire to lead you to your goal. Misuse them? You will wander around the labyrinth for all day without escaping it, the bouncers will play with you and the portals will send you out of the world :-)

Set in a beautiful oil painted world, lost in the labyrinth is a hard puzzle games, not for the average people, thank you. Behind its simple looking settings there exists puzzles to test your different abilities. Some levels test how well you can backtrack, others force you to think out of the border. Control your emotions: through wrong moves you can reach closer to the labyrinth but not quite enter it!

Helpful tips: You earn gems and free moves playing levels. Use a free move when you are stuck. But be careful, once you run out of free moves you can buy them with gems but they are quite costly.

1. Beautiful, dark, oil color hand painted graphics.
2. Easy learning curve, hard puzzles.
3. 4 Different worlds with different backgrounds.
4. Portals and black holes.
5. Switches to open one door and close another.
6. Bouncers to move around.
7. Heart worm to give you extra life.
8. Gems and Free Moves.
9. Special levels to test you in a different setting.
9. Hard scoring system that judges you based on time, optimal moves and the number of moves you used.

Contains 17 levels, 4 different worlds. More will come if I get your love and support.

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Game by vampireegg.

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