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 Lost Knight - 3D action 1.1

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


Lost Knight is a 3D action game fun 360 degrees !
Let's capture in time the complex stage !

· Aim at the goal by making full use of 360-degree rotation, move, jump, attack!
· Let's defeat ghosts will pop!
· Please capture the stage by controlling the camera 360 degrees!
· 20 initial stage! Additional plans at any time!
· Aim the week ranking! (About 24 hours Updated)

Capture method
[menu] Stage : The start of play by selecting the stage that you want to capture Is a store.
[menu] Shop : You can purchase "advertising hidden", "weapons", "stars".
[menu] Record : high score and ranking.

◆ Play ◆
[operation] Move the night in the direction of the joystick of the left.
[operation] Camera button : While holding down the camera button, and move the camera position with the joystick.
[operation] Attack button : Knight attacks.
[operation] Star button, use the star.
[operation] weapon switching button : change weapons if you have multiple weapons.

[display] Heart : Heart of the upper left corner represents the remaining stamina.
[display] Stars : Stars of the upper left corner represents the remaining amount.
[display] Time : remaining time.
[display] Stage : It is a stage of cheats currently
[display] Score : A summary score cheats currently. It is reset every stage.
[Display] Coin: the number of coins, will be reset to capture failure.

◆ Tips ◆
 + Let Jump Over a two-step jump
You can two-step jump by tapping twice.
Fine adjustment of jumping also point Cheats

+ Get 1 star at 100 coins
You can get a star If you continue to collect coins without fail.
Failure, the number of coins will be reset.

  * Sudden stop in the steep turn
You can suddenly stops and defeat in the reverse direction and move the left joystick.
Please note that control is difficult.

  * Invincible star
It will be a few seconds invincible condition when you use the Star. Also jump times

  * Finely speed adjustment
You can move slowly and move only a little left joystick.

  * Enjoy a weapon
It is possible to change weapons when you buy weapons in the shop.
Please enjoy the action.
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