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Each new day premonitory dreams of the previous night help winning millions in prizes. You won't have to wait visualizing a group of digits, this novelty application deciphers the numeric meanings of your dreams. Discover the predictive power of your mind and win!

This app analyzes your memories using the ancestral methods of Numerology and Gematria, applied specifically to our modern language. After calculating the numerological value of each word you will be presented with the complete list of all predicted numbers, which you can play in the lottery and other games of chance. It can also be used to reveal the value associated with personal names, babies, places, teams, companies, and more.

This interpreter is better than any existing random number generator (RNG). Generators use the electronics of the device as a source to produce different numbers that are not related to each other. Instead with this app your memories are the only seed for all the prognoses, so they are linked to your consciousness. You can also use them in combination with methods like the Pyramid of Luck to create your own strategies:

Our dreams are the portal or entrance to our subconscious mind. Each night you receive valuable messages that can be difficult to translate and relate. This app provides an easy way for you to deduce the secret code from your mind that wants to guide you to success. Just listen to it, consult the numerical meanings when you wake up. With frequent use your own subconscious could be trained in the use of Gematria and transfer the messages directly to the conscious.

You do not need to wait until dreaming with a group of digits one night. Find the numerical interpretation of all kinds of dream situations, from viewing angels or monsters, insects, money, diamonds ... any surprises that only your thoughts can prepare for you. Have you had a vivid or repetitive dream? It may be a premonition.

Unlike a dream dictionary, this application has no limit on the number of meaningful words it can decipher, and will not spend your Internet plan data to access an information base. Instead of a predefined description you will be given the solution of the concrete numbers that can be used immediately.

Gematria is a millennial method that assigns a numerical value to a word, with the belief that they have a relation to each other or have some relation to the number itself, just like a person is related to the values of age, date of birth, and a large number of events that may concern such as a street number address, the date of an test or signing of a contract, etc.

In ancient languages ​​the numbers were symbolized with letters. Hence every word had a certain value and an associated meaning. With the evolution of the alphabet there was also an alteration in the numerical representation. That is why this application has been specially designed for the English language.
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