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Lyf is a new social media app where users feel free to share aspects of themselves previously considered too personal for social media. Users feel safe to be themselves and share what they're really thinking, doing or experiencing in their lives. 

Battling anxiety, questioning a relationship, coping with loss, overcoming illness, struggling with addiction, searching for a partner  ...  lyf users receive support during some of their most gruelling, challenging, and even inspiring stages of their lives from other people who have no preconceptions or judgements about their fellow lyfers.

What makes us different? 

- In lyf we don't follow profiles. Instead, we support journeys. Journeys provide an opportunity for us to focus on one aspect of ourselves at a time. They can be about anything we are thinking, doing, experiencing or struggling with in life. Each journey has its own timeline and privacy setting and you can have as many as you want. 

- We've set it up so you can be discovered immediately. If a journey is posted or interacted on, it gets bumped to the top of the Journeystream so within moments of creating a journey you will be pleasantly surprised by the initial support you receive. 

- There are no ads or algorithms. 

- Extreme privacy settings: "Private" for sharing with select people, "public" for sharing with the entire lyf community and "anonymous" for ultra personal journeys to be shared publicly. 

Use lyf to : 

- Focus on and explore one aspect of yourself at a time.

- Be supported by a cultivated community of 1000's of non-judgemental people. 

- Connect with others on the same journeys or life paths as yourself. 

Join our community today, share, and connect! 

Lyf - Your journey starts here.
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