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 Magic Cube Race 1.0.23

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The game Magic Cube is (sort of) a combination of the Cube.
These tiles are placed on a playing surface, which has room for a 5X5 grid of tiles (leaving an empty cell). The player can slide the pieces around.
The goal for each player is to slide their tiles around, finally arranging the central 3X3 square of tiles (which sort of looks like Magic Cube Game Clues Placed in Right corner of game screen) into a predetermined "goal" pattern. The final configuration of the outer "border" tiles doesn't matter.


1. To start a new game click on the "Play" button.
2. To start a Challenge game click on the "Challenge" button.
3. A new 3X3 "Target Pattern" will appear at the upper-Right corner of the Game Board.
4. The goal of the game is the make the centre 3X3 set of tiles
in the main 5X5 grid match the Target Pattern.
5. The tiles are moved by clicking on them.
The clicked-on tile (and any intervening tiles) will “automatically slide"
towards the "empty" location (colour black).
6. When correctly completed, the "a complete screen appear" declaring you the winner.
7. In Challenge Mode you submit your time to complete game and compare it in Leader
8. In Leader board Each day Top list user are shown by their best Time

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