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Having an oily face sometimes becomes an obstacle to dress up, Ladies . Production of oil on the skin that is less controllable is a little inconvenient because oftentimes facial makeup so not durable and easily fade.

By Applying Make Up Tips Here, Guaranteed Your Makeup Will Not Easily Fade Though Your Face Oily!
Even so, you still have great hope to be able to look beautiful and creative using makeup, really! For those of you who have oily skin types, the way you dress up should be a little different. But just calm down, the way is not at all inconvenient, really. Here are the tips!

1. In order to makeup more good and maximal, wash thoroughly all over your face and neck.
If your facial skin is oily, it will be very dirty. Therefore, it is imperative for you to wash your face before makeup. If before you have washed with soap, you just rinse with clean water only.

2. To prevent the release of oil, try to apply ice cubes in advance.
Apply ice cubes all over your face slowly. The cold sensation will refresh and soothe the oil glands on the skin, so oil production can be controlled-at least as long as you're busy making up your face. Afterwards, do not forget to apply moisturizer on your face, yes!

3. So that your face does not turn into an oil field, use primary makeup as the foundation .
Primary makeup is a lot of uses, among others, to absorb oil, shrink the pores, make the face more matte , and make the foundation becomes more durable. By wearing primary makeup , oil-prone areas such as the T-zone will not look shiny and your makeup is guaranteed to be more durable and not easy to wear off.

4. Instead of using oil-based foundation , better choose powder type foundation .
Now you can find many foundations designed specifically for oily skin, both in liquid and powder . If you like to wear a liquid foundation, use it labeled " oil free " or " oil control ".
5. Powder is the right choice because it can absorb oil in the face quickly.
Powder is highly recommended for oily face. The reason is because the powder can absorb the oil well on the face so the face will not look shiny. While solid powder contains oil that can actually make your face more and more hassle.

6. You certainly do not want to harvest acne and blackheads. So use makeup labeled " oil free " or " non comedogenic ".
Surely you should really avoid makeup products containing oil. Then you should always wear makeup labeled " oil free " or " non-comedogenic ".
This oil-free makeup product will not clog pores and will not risk acne or blackheads. But you still have to see the composition, yes. Although the label states oil-free, it is still a lot of cosmetics that mix the artificial oil in it.

7. Sweat and your oil is a weapon of makeup destruction , which is why you better choose cosmetics that are "durable".
The main enemies of makeup are water and oil. Well, for makeup that you use can last long during your move, use cosmetics money labeled " water proof ", " water resistant ", or "long lasting" .
8. Always ready oil paper to cope with the face that began to look shiny.
It is compulsory to bring oil or tissue paper every time you move. Even if you have used a powder or a moisturizer that can absorb oil, it does not mean your face will be completely free of oil, yes.
Your face will still continue to remove the oil, so make sure the numbers remain controlled. To fix this, you simply clean it using oil absorbent paper. In order to makeup is not erased, do not rub the oil paper, just pressed-press it to the area of the face began to oily ..

Not complicated, is it, Ladies? So you do not have to worry anymore to dress up. As long as you know how to handle tips, you can apply make-up as you like. Good luck, !
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