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Simply put MapFavs is a map bookmarking app - primarily created to display traffic hotspots when driving around.

Scroll around maps in the normal way and then snapshot that map so that you can restore that view later with the tap of a button. Each snapshot must have an unique names of course, and they can be reordered and deleted as required.

Operationally the map in MapFavs is either locked or unlocked.

When locked the map is sensitive to taps on the left/right sides, these move to the prev/next snapshot respectively. Doing a long tap in the centre of the map is a quick way to unlock it. Note a helpful overlay appears in locked mode to indicate where the sensitive areas are.

When unlocked the map acts as normal, i.e actions like pinch and swipe work as expected. It's easy to tell when MapFavs is unlocked by the "+" sign at the top right, also if you have allow location permission you will see a "my location" button on the map itself.

If permission allows the app will also automaticallly select the snapshot according to the current location. If the current location is contained within a snapshot then that one is selected (the smallest being preferred) otherwise the closest or one getting closer is selected (depending on settings).

By default the screen never locks whilst the app is active however it will dim after a number of seconds (user selectable). A tap on the screen will un-dim it, additionally when a snapshot automatically changes because of location the screen will also undim.

Traffic is enabled by default but if you're not using the app for driving then it can be switched off in the preferences. Traffic also switches off when the screen dims to save data.


* Does the app work without location access?

Yes but the snapshot autochange feature will be disabled.

* How do I update a snapshot?

Select the snapshot first and then unlock the map. Change the map view as desired and then do a long press on the snapshot button to save your changes.
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