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 Masha With Kirdy And The Bear 1.0


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Today I am going to tell you a new story of Masha the little girl and the bear who lives in the jungle. Mashaand the bear is a brave couple of friends who love adventures, the bear is a great friend to play with all the time. One day early masha bear decided to go out to meet the bear and play together, and she found the bear Masha crying, she asked about the reason making him cry and he told her that a chef monster and some other monsters attacked him, and they stool his jar of honey, he told her that they ran far inside the kirdy jugle. Masha bear asked the poor friend if he needs her help and he responds with YES,
They will enter into the kirdy jungle adventure and they will fight all the monsters on their way to the big castle, there they will find the monster shef and they will fight him to take the jar back and go back home.
Do you like to see the bear dancing again and playing the rest of the time in kirdy jungle?
All you have to do is to help them to go trough this adventure and to bring the jar back from the deep kirdy jungle.

+ You have four worlds to play in.
+ Four shef monster to reach the boss of them.
+ 80 unique levels to play.
+ masha bear.
+ Too many monsters to kill.
+ kirdy jungle adventure world.
=== If you like this game "Masha with kirdy and the bear", don't forget to rate us, and to let us a review. Enjoy it.
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