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 Mathematics Course for Exams 1.0.2

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The App of the Mathematics Course, realized in the framework of the project of the Unimettuno International Telematics University called "The Portal of Maturity", consists of 27 video lessons.
Each lesson is thought to be divided into two parts: the first theoretician, the second one devoted to examples and / or exercises.
The course program allows the passing of both the maturity exams and the university examinations (in particular I Analysis or Mathematical Institutions).
The application is structured in the following sections:
1.The Project
- Presentation of the Project The Maturity Portal
- List of course topics.
2. List of lessons
3. Settings
4. Store Uninettuno's website for the purchase of courses or video lessons
5. Website of the Unimettuno International Telematics University
6. Contact form for any support

The professor of the course is Prof. Pietro Donatis.

List of video lessons in Mathematics:
• Lesson no. 1: Introduction and Purpose of the Course. Prerequisites. Real numbers
• Lesson no. 2: Definition and Feature Properties
• Lesson n. 3: Realistic topology topology
• Lesson no. 4: Function Limits 1: Definition and First Examples
• Lesson no. 5: Function Limits 2: Theorems on Limits
• Lesson no. 6: Function Limits 3: Limit Operations; Considerable limits
• Lesson no. 7: Indefinite forms. Infinite and infinitesimal. Replacement principle. Particular case of successions
• Lesson no. 8: Continuity. Definitions. Types of discontinuity. Continuity of elementary functions
• Lesson no. 9: Continuous Function Theorems
• Lesson no. 10: Definition of derivative and its geometric meaning. Using Physics
• Lesson no. 11: Derivative Rules. Derivative of elementary functions
• Lesson no. 12: Derived Composite Function and Reverse Function. Differential. Leibniz notation
• Lesson no. 13: Derivative Functions theorems 1: Fermat, Rolle, Lagrange theorems
• Lesson no. 14: Derivative Functions Theorems 2: Theories of Cauchy, de l'Hôpital
• Lesson no. 15: Relative and absolute maximum and minimum. Study of the first derivative
• Lesson no. 16: Concave and convex functions. Flexed. Asymptotes
• Lesson no. 17: Function Studio. Examples 1
• Lesson no. 18: Function Study. Examples 2
• Lesson no. 19: Integral Definitive. Geometric Definition and Interpretation
• Lesson no. 20: Defined integrity property. Theorem of the media. The fundamental theorem of integral calculus. Indefinite integer
• Lesson no. 21: Calculating areas and volumes. Examples
• Lesson no. 22: Immediate integration and integration formulas. Integration of fractal functions
• Lesson no. 23: Integration for Replacement and Parts
• Lesson no. 24: Integral improper. Some physical applications
• Lesson no. 25: Taking some exam topics 1
• Lesson no. 26: Taking Part of Exam Questions 2
• Lesson no. 27: Performing Some Exam Themes 3

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