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Matrix is a mobility platform to process logistics operation. which forges entire logistics and transport business portable. Through Matrix user can –

• Create a shipment – Shipment can be created anywhere even on field by field boy.
• Manage inbound trip manifest – Mobile user can create trip manifest that means after trip hire sheet creation, mobile user can manage trip challan for all inbound packages.
• Manage outbound trip manifest - Mobile user can create trip manifest that means after trip hire sheet creation, mobile user can manage trip challan for all out-bound packages.
• In-scan shipment or packages – Field boy can scan the package before picking up from the customer.
• Out-scan shipment or packages – In case of delivery field boy can scan the package using mobile application before delivery to the customer.
• Update shipment delivery – Mobile users can update the shipment status after delivery.
• Manage pick up request – Mobile users can receive pickup requests and update the pickup status accordingly.
• Verify pick up request – To verify the accurate pick up mobile users can scan and verify the pickup request.
• Create trip manifest – Mobile users can create trip manifest, receive manifest and send manifest directly using mobile application.
• Create delivery run sheet – While delivery mobile users can a list of deliveries, schedule of delivery.
• Create customers – From mobile application only users can create customers, dockets stocks, update location, create operating unit, package type, new logistics service, and vendors to process operation.

Optimum resource management: With MATRIX logistic service providers can manage resource availability usage, shipment schedules and vehicle routes for accommodation.

Boost employee efficiency: MATRIX, maintaining real-time information flow and giving them constant access to data, can boost employee productivity, reduce manual efforts.

Door Delivery Mobile Solutions: Speed-up your door delivery services. Mobile apps can play a big role in your doorstep pickup and delivery services. MATRIX on your worker’s device will help him scan the item at the customer’s doorstep, create a label, input delivery details and movement time and create invoice- all at his doorstep.

Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions: Know the position of each and every shipment using MATRIX. Delivering the product on time and in perfect condition is the key to success in your business. A mobile asset tracking solution will help you accurately track your shipments with pin-point precision using advanced geo-positioning and identification technology.
Mobile Solutions for Logistics Operation: Available features in MATRIX will help to operate logistics functionality from anywhere which is a revolutionary and transformed technology to provide the most accessible and productive solution to the logistics and transportation industry.
Reverse Logistics: Matrix application provides essential features to manage reverse logistics effectively and maintain a strong network between the vendors, end users and the merchants. Whether payment need to be refunded or picking up returned package, MATRIX verifies the data and packages adequately to keep complete operation error free.

Benefits of using MATRIX –
• Reduce time to delivery as the shipment can now be directly booked and processed for delivery.
• Boost your customer-services.
• More attention to business, increase service and productivity.
• Ease operational work and reduce time consumption.
• Get constant reminder of your business.
• Streamline your processes, cut costs and meet service level agreements.
• Keep deliveries on schedule and if required act as per the changing scenarios.
• Optimally utilize your resources as per needs.
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