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 Maze Game Builder (Game Maker) 14.0

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With Maze Game Builder you can build a maze game where the aim is to dodge or fight the enemies and escape the maze.

It is easy and great fun to build your own maze game and even publish on Google Play!

Create your own sprites using standard or custom colours
Create animations for the main player and enemies from those sprites
Link each animation to a player or enemy action (up, down, left, right, die)
Create your own levels by adding walls and enemies and an exit
Play the game to test it out at any stage during your creation
Export to Java if you want to build your own APK

SpritesSelect the red, green, blue intensity of each colour to create various shades of colour for your palettes.

Use the built in colours or modify them to suit your own look and feel.

Each sprite will become a frame of animation, use copy to copy the previous frame and modify it slightly. Repeat the process to create a string of animations.

The zoom makes it easy create pixel perfect animations even on small screens like phones.

AnimationsOnce you have a set of sprites, convert them into animations by selecting the sprites that should be part of each animation.

The frame rate controls how quickly it moves through the frames.

Flip and rotate options make it easy to create animations for all directions, just create the animation for the player or enemy moving in one direction then flip or rotate it.

WeaponsWeapons of different types can be created. The effect of each weapon can be selected, from weaker types like knock back and disarm to stronger types like slow down, stun or destroy. Weapons can have different speeds and ranges too. Configure how the weapon will interact with walls, and other weapons. Choose whether the weapon will stop at a wall, bounce off, or is indestructible and will go through all walls and weapons.

Player and EnemiesMap each animation to an action so the game knows what animation to show when. Set the speed of the player and each enemies, so different enemies can have different speeds. Select the weapon that the player and each enemy uses (if any). Configure how often the player and each enemy can fire.

LevelsCreate a level by tapping to add walls. Each level will be 12 by 12 squares. Leave a hole in the border for the exit. Add enemies to levels by selecting each enemy and the starting position. You can also set which direction each enemy should start going when the level starts.

Play GameYou don't need to wait until your game is complete before testing. The app comes pre-loaded with a sample game so you can start playing straight away or reset and start from scratch. The sample game means you can start making levels straight away and it comes with a set of built-in animations and enemies to pick from. So there's no need to draw anything if all you want to do is make a maze.

At any stage you can test out your whole game or the current level you are working on.

Export to JavaThis is one special feature that is not available other game makers on Google Play.

You can export the whole game that you create to Java. This includes the sprites, animations, player, enemies and levels. This makes it possible to build an APK and upload it to the Google Play store. This also means if you want to give your game to a developer to build upon to create a professional game, they can extend it in any way they like. If you need helping building the APK once you export the Java code, I'd be happy to help out. Just send me an email with your code and how you want the package built.

Any new ideas? My thoughts on the next major release:

- Share games with other players, rate others' games, chat and comment
- Style of maze game to choose from like Pac-Man, Wizard of Wor, Digger, Boulderdash etc to create different objectives

Try out Maze Game Builder today!
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