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 Mechanics of Solids & Fluids 1.0.2

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Simple notes of mechanics of solids & fluids for mechanical engineering.It almost cover important topics chapter wise

Chapter 1. Concept of Stress and Strain

1. Stress and Strain
2. Working stress
3. Ultimate stress
5. Poisson's ratio
6. Two dimensional state of strain
7. Principal Stresses and Principal Planes
8. Mohr's Circle
10. thermal Stresses

Chapter 2. Bending Stresses in Beams and plates

1. Pure Bending
2. Bending Stresses
3. Section Modulus of rolled and built up sections
4. Composite beams
5. Distribution of shear stresses
6. Theory of plates

Chapter 3. Deflection of beams

1. Slope and deflection of beams by deflection methods
2. Area moment and conjugate beam methods
3. Propped cantilever and fixed beams

Chapter 4. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

1. Physical properties of fluids
2. Compressible fluids
3. Incompressible Fluids
4. Newtonian and Non- Newtonian fluids

Chapter 5-A . Fluid Statics

1. Pressure
2. Density and height relationships
3. Manometer pressure on curved and plane surfaces
4. Centre of Pressure
5. Buoyancy
6. Stability of Immersed and Floating bodies
7. Relative equilibrium of liquid

Chapter 5-B . Fluid Kinematics

1. Uniform and Non-Uniform
2. Steady and Unsteady Flows
3. Laminar and turbulent flow
4. One, Two, Three dimensional flows
5. Stream lines; Streak lines; Path lines
6. Stream Tubes
7. Basic idea of flow nets
8. Stream function and velocity potential
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