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Mindfulness, the very nature of meditation, exists as a discipline that is developed over time and with prolonged use. As the active participation of awareness, mindfulness leads to the ability to overcome the physical--through the application of the mind.

Participating in life is challenging for those with chronic pain. Rather than a passive activity of listening, guided meditations create an invitation to actively participate in the moment instead of observing from the sidelines.

Meditation is an extremely subjective, artistic approach to holistic health. The goal of meditation and awareness is not that of a magical experience or to be pain free, but to be engaged in mindfulness.

Although there are likely to be experiences of well-being, great insight, and complete calm… these particular outcomes are not the goal. In fact, having specific goals of relieving pain or discomfort may compromise your ability to reach a state of mindfulness.

It takes a great deal of discipline to do what you know is beneficial, even when you don’t want to. But the very nature of discipline is what gives you power over your circumstances and a state of well-being.

During the meditations, if you feel uncomfortable engaging in this kind of self-examination, or symptoms worsen, do not proceed further.

If you have a history of mental illness, or adverse affects during this process, consult with your health professional before continuing.

I make no guarantees that any of the practices will function in any particular way for you, and no claim to be any kind of medical professional. You are entirely responsible for how you choose to use this program.

As a key exercise in the mastery of meditation, Repetition will produce the best results. Although, it may possibly seem boring or monotonous at first. Daily, weekly, monthly, you will find that it brings a sense of peace and security.

It is necessary to be extremely powerful and useful.
Just like any state of mind, boredom and disinterest will eventually pass. What follows is a response to repetition which allows the mind to be opened to new things. Of course, these things are not new—as they have been there all along. But they are new to you.

And those new things that you discover may be within yourself or outside of yourself, leading you steps closer in the healing process.

Remaining in the instant, as it unfolds, allows you to seek not only momentary well-being—but future well-being.

As your mind begins to relax, without expectations, you will become more familiar with your deep, inner place of pain. Although many of us seek to avoid the awareness of our pain, becoming mindful of its place give us power over it. In this way, we can become restored and free.

Meditation leading to mindfulness does not simply provide a moment of relief from pain. It allows you to extend relief out over your lifetime, providing you access to portions of your mind to be completely and fully engaged, and to love your life.

Meditative practices are all different paths leading to the same place. One is not necessarily superior to the other. Even your preferred methods of mindfulness may change from day to day as your mood or state of mind changes.

Seeking awareness through the elements of the program allows you to have flexibility in your sessions, choosing one over the other, or creating your own fusion of the elements. In this way, you build ownership over the program for yourself, increasing its efficacy and power.
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