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 Mega Dropper Maps For MCPE 1.5

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We present to your attention the collection of maps Mega Dropper.
Mega Dropper 1. The map is split up in six levels where in each one you must survive the fall by dropping into the water at the bottom. After succeding you are allowed to move on to the next level. Each fall consists of obstacles such as fire, lava and blocks. Your goal is to avoid hitting those obstacles.
Mega Dropper 2. The map consists of 16 levels. Each level includes a tunnel which you are supposed to drop into and fall to the bottom while avoiding to hit obstacles that will come in the way during your fall. Many of the tunnels have been built in really cool colors and patterns to make every challenge a beautiful encounter.
Mega Dropper 3. Third map in a popular dropper map series. In total there are 21 different levels all with varying difficulty. To play you simply have to drop down from the top of each level to drop down a tunnel. Then you have to steer away from oncoming obstacles so that you can ultimately hit the water at the bottom of the tunnel and move onto the next level.
Mega Dropper 4. This is one of the biggest dropper maps ever created for Minecraft Pocket Edition and it includes a total of 21 stunning levels. The objective in each level is to jump off the ledge and then try to avoid the obstacles and land safely into the water. It’s quite difficult and usually requires several tries before getting it right.
Mega Dropper 5. Is a long-anticipated map and it proves to be one of the greatest dropper maps created thus far for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It features 22 amazingly patterned and colored levels. The objective is to jump down into a level, avoid all immediate obstacles and then safely land into the water. It can get extremely nerve-wracking but that’s the fun of it.
Dropper IB 1. Minigame with four different levels. Even though it’s a fairly small map it’s definitely worth to play if you enjoy dropper maps. Basically the objective in each level is to drop down and do your best to avoid the obstacles and to try to land in the water. Use the items in the chest to get back to the top of the structure to then move onto the next level.
Dropper IB 2. Map consists of 10 different dropper levels. If you’ve never played any dropper maps before then this map is suitable as most levels are fairly easy to complete. It’s a quite basic map but definitely enjoyable if you like this kind of maps.
Dropper IB 3. Map introduces 14 dropper levels of varied difficulty. The objective is to drop down and avoid all obstacles and then ultimately splash down into the water. Usually the area of the water consists of just one block so you must carefully choose your falling path to complete the level.
Dropper IB 4. Fun dropper map consisting of 16 different levels. If you’re an experienced player then this map will be fairly easy to complete, at least the first couple of levels. It’s a really good looking map with some levels which have a really cool style and pattern. Total playtime should be somewhere around 20 minutes, obviously depending on your skill level.
Dropper IB 5. Map features 23 different levels where the objective is to jump off a ledge and then safely fall into the water, preferably avoiding being hurt (or die) due to the many obstacles which you have to steer clear off.
Also in the app are available 7 other Dropper maps.
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