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 Megabot and Rockbot 1.0

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It’s Sci-fi robot platform blasting fun! Run; jump and examine the robot base while you combat the machine empire’s robots.
Download Megabot and Rockbot now to experience the newest 2018 game number one running game in the US, Canada and India. It’s the addictive runner where you can

generate your own levels! Hundreds of coins to collect from in the Black Market! Super-badass heroes in the Premium Market! Combining simple mechanics, amazing visuals

and long-term playability, Megabot and Rockbot is one game that could become the next big thing. Megabot and Rockbot is the game that introduced kids to the legendary

japanese robot Rokku and his friends. This is the ultimate game of 2018. A homebrew game freely inspired by the classic 8-bit jump-and-shoot game style with some

modern features such as dialogs, stories and graphics.

In the year 200X, 2018 six robots created by master roboticist Dr. Light are tampered with by the evil genius Dr. Wily, and go on a destructive rampage! The First

Chapter in the Mega bot saga, Dr. Wily returns! Megabot's fight has only just begun... With Dr. Wily's mad scheme for world domination brought to a halt, peace reigns

once more. Only one robot remains who can put a stop to Wily’s plans and restore world peace: the heroic Megabot man. But Dr. Wily has secretly created another eight

stupendously powerful robot masters. With these villainous bots unleashed upon the world, can Mega hero Man stand up to the challenge and stop Dr. Wily again!?

Defeated by rokku and shown the error of his ways, Dr. Wily develop the massive robot gamma. But all is not well: One day, the robots dispatched to eight mining

planets go haywire! rockbot sets off with Rush at his side to uncover the cause of this interplanetary crisis! With the formation of the Global Robot hero Alliance,

world peace seems assured. Can Megabot man rokku put a stop to this plot!?

How to Play:
* Simply use the jump and slide, to avoid enemies and obstacle
* tap dive button to keep on water in the 2nd game
* tap gravity run button to move in the 3rd game
* tap the rocket button to use jetpack
* tap magnet button to collect all coins

3 game in 1 app
Easy and Simple to play
Flexible moving and game play
Stunning graphics
5 character of megabot and rockbot the man Rakku heroes to unlock
3 different gameplay to unlock
Nice and Friendly User Interface
Easy to Play and Share
Cool Effect with super skills

Now you can experience all the nonstop action in the palm of your hand!

The fighting is so extreme your screen won't be able to handle it! Awaken the true potential power of your favorite characters and make them stronger than ever before!

You’ve never experienced the megabot and rockbot the man Rakku adventure power like this!

Disclaimer :
This game is unofficial games, just a fan made for fans. This game was made by Lotus Games as fun. For any question contact us at email:
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