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Memorizer works by first testing you on stuff frequently, then the more you get it right, the less frequently you're tested. Using this app it's possible to memorize a vast amount of stuff very quickly with not too much effort (we managed ~1000 Spanish words in two weeks).

This app can really help you study for an exam, learn a language, or act as a brain training tool to make your memory stronger.

You can memorize anything you want by adding things yourself, or you can use the built-in memory packs (listed below). With the memory packs included it is possible to learn Spanish, learn German and learn Danish. If there is a memory pack you would like that is not there, feel free to ask us for it and if we like the idea we will add it for you. With this Pro version there are no ads and you will get early access to new memory packs. Happy Memorizing!

Memory Packs:

Element Symbols
Relative Atomic Masses

Danish (724 words)
Danish Adjectives I
Danish Animals
Danish Colors
Danish Family
Danish Fruit and Vegetables
Danish Numbers
Danish Prepositions
Danish Verbs I

French (753 Words)
French Adjectives I
French Animals
French Body
French Colors
French Family
French Fruit and Vegetables
French Numbers
French Time
French Verbs I
French Weather

German (640 words)
German Adjectives I
German Animals
German Body
German Colors
German Family
German Fruit and Vegetables
German Numbers
German Time
German Verbs I
German Weather

Capital Cities
NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Spanish (1059 words)
Spanish Adjectives I
Spanish Adverbs I
Spanish Alphabet
Spanish Animals
Spanish Body
Spanish Colors
Spanish Family
Spanish Fruit and Vegetables
Spanish Nouns I
Spanish Numbers
Spanish Prepositions
Spanish Time
Spanish Verbs I
Spanish Weather

Note to HUAWEI users:
Many Huawei phones have a built-in power-saving feature that force quits apps if they run in the background. If this happens to Memorizer, any upcoming recalls will be canceled and you won't receive any notifications until the app is next opened. To stop this, go to Settings - Power Saving and set the app to "Protected".
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