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Jas (Dutch: jacket) is an official European clothing suit, long-sleeved and worn outside the shirt. A suit (English: suit) or simply called a suit consists of at least a suit and a pair of pants made of the same fabric. Based on the number of buttons on the front, the suit consists of a single breasted coat and double breasted button coat.

In English, the term jacket also refers to a suit suits (suits suit) or evening suit (evening suit), and not an understanding of the jacket in Indonesian (sports jacket or leather jacket).

Jas launs is the most common standard model coat, formerly of British origin as a clothing for activities in the wild. If it is only called a suit, then the suit is the standard suit jacket suit (suit launs) complete with a shirt and tie, and usually used by men working in the office.

When in the invitation mentioned black tie clothing code, then the man asked to wear an official suit called tuxedo. Jas diner (tuxedo or tails, the name in the United States and Canada) is a black suit, the back of a tail suit, and worn with a black butterfly tie and a white shirt. Black tie clothing code does not mean the standard dark suit with black tie.

Tuxedo used to be an alternative to wearing a coat jacket. Meanwhile, suits that are used to work in the office is a substitute for a long coat (frock coat) and morning coat (morning coat), or morning suit (morning suit).

Blazer is a kind of casual suit for men and women who in the front pockets are often given the emblem of a school or organization, and are often worn as a uniform. In Indonesian, the blazer only often refers to a suit for women worn outside the blouse or shirt with a skirt, cotton, or trousers.

Design variations of suit, model, fabric type, vest, and the number of buttons on the front line show the social function and clothing use. From the beginning until now, suits are generally worn when wearing a collared shirt and tie. Until about 1960s, men wear hats when outside the room.

Like all types of clothes, suits were once sewn by tailor on order. When wanting to make a suit, people come to tailor to be measured, choose materials, and define models. Since the Industrial Revolution, suits were mass produced in various sizes and sold as ready-made garments. Tailor for example only need to adjust the bottom end of the pipe pants with the height of the wearer. The coat is now generally sold in three forms:

suits are made on the basis of order, before the material is cut, tailors make a suit to fit the body;
suit according to size modified according to the size of the buyer body based on the pattern and choice of fabric available;
ready-made suits that are relatively inexpensive.
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