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The What, Why and Which of Lifestyle Diseases.

As we embrace the western lifestyle we have welcomed some unwanted health concerns. It’s time to mitigate these risks before they become life threatening.

What: Lifestyle Diseases are diseases that appear to increase in frequency as countries become more industrialised and due to lifestyle changes like sedentary jobs, high stress environment and changes in food habits. Diet and lifestyle are major factors thought to influence susceptibility to these diseases. Drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking, as well as a lack of exercise may also increase the risk of developing these diseases.

Why: You should care because signs and symptoms for these lifestyle diseases if caught in time can be treated and life threatening conditions like cancers, heart, kidney and liver diseases can be prevented. In this case truly, prevention is better than cure!

Which: After analysing data from over 500,000 MeCure patients over the last 7 seven years we have data that shows us the most prevalent lifestyle diseases in Nigeria. In the WeCare program we screen you for:
- Cardiovascular Diseases
- Metabolic Syndrome
- Obesity Index
- Diabetes Mellitus
- Chronic Kidney Disease
- Hyperuricemia
- Chronic Liver Disease
- Prostate Cancer/ Cervical Cancer
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