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 MIDI SolFa Mode-Go-Round 2.6

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A unique musical instrument. An interactive music theory medium. A universal MIDI tool. An amazing solmization machine. All in one: "MIDI SolFa Mode-Go-Round" unites and extends the possibilities of the apps "Musk MIDI Keyboard", "Musk MIDI Player", "Musk Diatonic Modes" and the "SolFa Mode-Go-Round". Therefore there are many creative and didactic use cases. Play and grasp music!

Use cases:
* Play on the diatonic or chromatic keyboard.
* Study or teach scales and church modes.
* Discover improvising polyphonic canons.
* Learn Movable-Do and Fixed-Do solmization.
* Connect to your MIDI apps and devices or play with connected "SolFa Mode-Go-Rounds".
* Load sounds and polyphonic pieces.
* Tune into your part. Hear its solmization.

Touch instruments:
* The app features a diatonically oriented spiral shaped keyboard with 7 keys per octave. (Tone circle)
* With it you can easily play well sounding melodies and chords in major, minor or other church modes.
+ Besides it, there is a chromatic piano keyboard. (iPhone: Landscape orientation, iPad: double tap piano-button)

* Instrumental sounds: a General-MIDI sound font is pre-installed. (See also "Musk MIDI Keyboard" for more options.)
* To study church modes and solmization, the syllables "do re mi fa so la ti" where recorded in 3 octaves.
+ Freely mix instrument and solmization sounds. Listen to the solmization of the tenor, hear the bass as piano and the soprano as flute notes.
+ Choose a small choir ("Erlebnisland") with warm sounds or synthetic Bruno, who really sings to the point.

Music theory:
* The touch instruments change according to the selected tonic and mode.
* There are 5 mathematical-musical base modulations.
* Get a fine feeling for the character differences between the diatonic scales Major (Ionian), natural Minor (Aeolean) and the church modes Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Locrian.
* Understand how they are interrelated.
+ Improvise up to five-part counterpoint canons "note-by-note": You play the melody and the canon assistent shows how to proceed.
* You can also invent normal canons. Just play in half notes.
+ You can change labels on the tone circle, e.g. to test your or your students knowledge.

* The syllables depend on the pitch, the chosen tonic/mode configuration and the solmization method.
* They are shown on the tone circle and can be heared.
* Solmization methods: absolute solmization (Fixed-Do), relative solmization (Movable-Do) and scale degree solmization.

MIDI features:
* With this app, you can send and receive MIDI notes and play back MIDI files.
* All features of "Musk MIDI Keyboard" and "Musk MIDI Player" are available. (See "Related Apps" in the App Store)
+ Record tracks and export midi files.
+ During recording of notes, the related solmization syllables can be attached to the track as lyrics. These can be shown by any MIDI-Karaoke player.
+ This app sends and receives configuration change commands. You can keep all connected "MIDI SolFa Mode-Go-Rounds" in sync.
+ You can also add bass notes with an external notation app. These will trigger tonic/mode changes.

Still not convinced?
* Then, find documentation, background information and tutorials on our websites!
* Google for "SolFa Mode-Go-Round", "Tonkreisel", "Musk MIDI Player", "Musk MIDI Keyboard".

Because of limited space, we could not mention all features that are borrought from our other apps.
* Features marked with "*" are available in other apps.
* Features marked with "+" are only available in this app.

Have fun and let the mode go round!
We love to hear feedback.
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