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 Mindball Play Bridge 1.2

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Hi Mindball focus fan!

This app is used for when you want to play the game Mindball Play installed on PC with your brain waves (alone - no hands!) through a wireless headband.


Buy your wireless Muse headband at http://www.mindballplay.com/store/product/muse-headband/
Buy the game Mindball Play at http://store.steampowered.com/app/446850/

Install this app:
Your PC and Android device need to both be connected to the same network. Wi-Fi or cable connections or a mixture of the two are both viable.
*Ensure that your Android device has Bluetooth activated.
*Pair your Muse headband with your device.
*Download and start this app (Mindball Play Bridge)
The app needs to be active and visible in order to work. It will keep the screen lit and running while on. No configuration is required.
It is suggested but not necessary to keep your Android device connected to a charger while playing.

Start Mindball Play on your PC.
The first time you do this you'll be asked for the key that you received when purchasing the Muse headband at our web site.
Other headband alternatives such as "TILT", "BITE" and "BLINK" are available at the same menu.
When starting a game with the Muse headband a quick calibration procedure will start in order to ensure that the headband works correctly. Please follow the instructions. When the Mindball Play logo is filled in the calibration has finished and the game will begin.

How does it work?
Your brain sends out electrical signals, all the time, without interruption. The technique used for reading (and presenting) the electrical signals from the brain is called EEG, (electroencephalography). Scientists have identified that if you produce a great amount of electrical signals within a specified frequency when you are focused. We use this technique and that knowledge in our Mindball Products.

The headband we use for moving the ball in Mindball Play picks up the electrical signals from your brain and forwards them via Bluetooth to this app on your smart device. Your device then forwards the signals to the game Mindball Play on your PC. The output from our algorithm gives to what extent you are focused. We use that value to steer the ball; on track, off track, slowly or fast.

You can actually extend the interaction with the ball by tilting your head to the sides and thus affect the path of the ball. This is controlled by the gyro built in the headband.
You can also bite your jaws to put a brake on the ball. Or blink in order to make the ball jump.

Biting and blinking generates electrical signals that are possible to distinguish from the ones generated by the brain.
When identifying a certain state of mind, such as focus, you exclude these “muscle” signals. But instead of just “throwing them away” we use them to do additional cool stuff in the game.

Use of the headband
Press the power button for a few seconds. Make sure the battery in the headband is charged; Press the same button shortly to see the battery indicator one the same side as the power button. If needed charge the battery, using the mini-USB one the same side.

The size of the headband is changeable. Stretch out the headband gently.
Place the headband as if it was a pair of glasses but place the band with the sensors on your forehead. Make sure the earpieces are properly behind the ear.
Press back the mid part into the earpieces so the headband fits you.

If you’re having trouble with the headband please check info at this link to the producer of the Muse headband:

Before you download anything please read:
Our privacy policy http://www.mindballplay.com/privacy-policy/
Our terms of service http://www.mindballplay.com/terms-of-service/

Go Focus!
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