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Muni International School Surat is truly democratic school. Each student is given equal opportunity to learn, express, lead, share and contribute in all matters of learning, management and development. Our innovative education system, class management, Parliament system, Guided discovery, Eklavya method, Bully to buddy ensure that each student gets equal opportunity for his/her all round development on one side and on other students are involved & responsible for every decision of the school and class management. Each student is capable of handling welcoming guest in traditional way, to answering and clarifying guests Inquiries, selecting their own parliament.

At MIS(surat) purpose of education is to cross over all differences in class, language, status, caste and background. Here we insure that all our students study, learn, play and perform at par without any prejudice or inhibition.

Touch and impact of innovation is transparently visible in every dimension at MIS. innovative education system, all Students learning and expressing 4 language (hindi, English, Sanskrit, International) efficiently, international faculties, democratic class management system, Parliament system of school management & decision making and disciplining, Guided discovery for group dynamics, Eklavya method for individual learning excellence, Am I Able student self evaluation system, Bully to buddy to ensure that each student gets equal opportunity for his/her all round development. Value education, national and international exposer .Music, sports, curricual. Each student is empowered to represent self and school at every possible stage and audience. student are prepared to live a successful life not just academic. MIS is an institution of making ordinary into extra ordinary. At MIS harmony in IQ, EQ, AQ, SQ is remarkably Visible.

Why MIS Students are achievers in their life:

- Every students can speak, read and write one foreign language (Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and Arabic)
- Every student has to take up an extracurricular activity like music, drawing, painting, debate, public speaking or any other specific activity chosen by the student and approved by the student council.
- Any one self-defence sports like judo, karate, wrestling, mulkhamb(Pole Climbing), Boxing etc.
- Teacher is just a facilitator and not a Teacher: Higher class student teaches Junior students on a regular basis. This makes every student not only a good teacher but also trains them for leadership roles later in life.
- The importance of living with nature is taught by being caring about the environment.

About Us

MIS is A Democratic school for Brave new world. Where for impossible we act immediately, though miracles takes time to happen. One of top 10 school in the world in education methodology by UNESCO. The best changemaker school in the world according to Ashoka Foundation USA. Only Partner school with Japan Government in India.Best Small Budget school in India according to Education world magazine.
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