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 Modern Sniper Counter Gun Killer Strike Shooter 3D 2.0.0

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Modern Sniper Counter Gun Killer Strike Shooter 3D is a warfare FPS shooting game, the user has to to invade military bases, terrorist & gangster hideouts all over the world. The game is mainly designed for modern warfare which has to be taken out in a small town as the terrorist test the user skill of shooting. The terrorists and gangster are hiding in the city take higher points at the city buildings like a city sniper and try to hit army force be the Frontline Sniper and counter attack like a professional Assasin. The user will be sent into desert to invade base camps as the user needs to perform these mission and indulge himself in dust battles like a Desert Sniper. Kill the enemy force guards that guarding the post from the top of mountain so take quick action like a Mountain Sniper and clear the post. The user is supposed to assist the police of the city as he/she serves the police force like Cop Sniper.

While invading enemy bases destroy items like:

🔫 Tanks.
🔫 Military Vans.
🔫 Army Jeeps.
🔫 Trucks.
🔫 Machine guns.
🔫 Gunship.
🔫 Aircraft.
🔫 Ships.
🔫 Naval Carrier.
🔫 Radar.

In multiple missions the user is supposed to defend the military bases and protect military settlements from invaders. The user has to be efficient commando as the user is supposed to hit the paratroopers jumping from fighter jet aircraft, kill any invader or terrorist that is destroying the peace of the city. There are multiple offensive missions where user need to create an ambush and hit the moving military convoy and destroy the military logistics that were supposed to be transported.

User can incorporate following items:

🔫 Guns.
🔫 Pistols.
🔫 Knife/Dagger.
🔫 Vest.
🔫 Armor.
🔫 Detonator.
🔫 Poison Gas.
🔫 Flame Thrower.
🔫 Sniper Rifles like:

💣 M24. Advertisement. ...
💣 Knight's Armament Company SR-25. ...
💣 L42 Enfield (British) ...
💣 M21 Sniper Weapon System. ...
💣 PSG1. ...
💣 AS50. ...
💣 Dragunov SVD. ...
💣 CheyTac Intervention .408.

Following are some highlighting features of this exciting game:

🔫 Realistic HD display.
🔫 High quality texture.
🔫 Huge terrain to conquer.
🔫 Sniper commando elite force, guerilla warfare, modern warfare and counter terrorist missions.
🔫 Realistic shooting environment.
🔫 Physical challenge.
🔫 Take headshots to get extra points.
🔫 Dynamic camera angles.
🔫 Multiple camera views.
🔫 Smooth controls with easy gameplay.
🔫 Intense world war battlefield missions.
🔫 Create ambush to hit military convoy.
🔫 Destroy military logistics of the enemy.
🔫 Kill terrorists and mobsters.
🔫 Patrol around the terrain to sense any unusual activity.
🔫 No internet or Wi-Fi required to play the game.
🔫 Artificially intelligent game bots.
🔫 Huge range of firearms.

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