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Like a guitar chord that rings out loud, this is the coolest Digital Audio Workstation for the small, mobile screen on any platform. It's a first! And it's ONLY available on the coolest mobile platform, Android!! The App is not intended to replace but complement a desktop and/or laptop DAW which are meant to finalize songs for production release. It is a scratchpad, able to capture your inspiring moments when they are alive in your head. Quickly and easily get multiple Takes down for different Parts, like guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, etc.

This is the "Next Generation" version of the App "Audition Music Recorder"!

AppCircus "Summer of Apps, Music" 2015 Finalist!

Give it a try. It's free! It has full functionality so you can use it till you have reached the maximum number of "30" Record "Takes". The only restriction is that the Content you create is stored in the App's Internal Memory so you can not access it or Share it with others. But we are confident that once you have used it for awhile, you will buy the In-app purchase "Content Sharing" for the small cost of $0.99 USD and then your Content is copied to External memory where you can both access it and Share it with others.

Major features:
- Multitrack Recorder with individual tracks
- Records in High Quality 44.1KHz, 16-bit audio, stereo WAV format
- Works with compatible USB External Microphones and Mixers (See detailed discussion of this in the "Newsletter #1, August 8, 2016)
- Mixdown to one Song file
- Record a track while playing back other tracks
- Option to hear in Headphones the monitor of the recording as it is being recording (Not all Devices supported, though. Depends on the Devices CPU power.)
- Start a record anywhere on Timeline, not just at beginning. Use for those random Parts throughout Song.
- Unlimited Songs, Tracks and Takes until memory and processor bandwidth runs out
- Easily Import WAV audio files anywhere on the Timeline
- When playing, move anywhere in Song in real-time with continuous play
- Change Song length at any time
- Share Takes to Facebook (Requires In-app purchase)
- Share Takes using other "Share Apps", e.g. Google Drive, Gmail (Requires In-app purchase)

Other features:
- Supports Phone and Tablet
- Parts and Takes scroll easily for easy recording and playback selection
- Compatible with over 12,000 Android devices!
- Audition Mode to highlight Part Takes that you Like, Dislike, or deem Neutral
- Auto-record where it automatically records current Take length with minimum effort
- Auto-play where it automatically plays back Take you just recorded
- Easily adjust Part volumes
- Easily set the In Timecode of your Takes
- Name your Parts for uniqueness, e.g. Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocal, Keys, etc.
- Name your Takes for uniqueness, e.g. Snappy lead, crunch lead, thoughtful lead, etc.
- Easily add and delete Parts and Takes
- Easily add new Songs and name Songs with a unique name
- Uses device built-in microphone and Compatible USB External Mics
- Easy to use File Manager for Backup, Restore, Reset, Copy Internal to External Memory, Delete Internal
Memory Content, and Memory Stats.

Final remarks:
You can now be more creative and generate your musical ideas easily and fast. Quickly capture, before you've lost it, those creative song snippets. Let the App do the work behind the scenes while you think on the Song, not the technology. Use it on your smartphone or tablet. Hey, "Love being Creative". With this App, you will.

Love being Creative,
Birmingham Music Company, a Company creating Music Tools for the Android screen
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