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The Moodmetric measurement is the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery

The Moodmetric measurement tells about the sympathetic nervous system activation - the fight-or-flight response. High activation indicates positive or negative stress, low in turn relaxation and calmness. The Moodmetric measurement is intended for long term and continuous follow-up on stress and recovery levels. It shows clearly the impact of emotional and cognitive stress on the overall load. The Moodmetric app works together with the Moodmetric ring and displays the measurement result real-time.

The Moodmetric services include the Moodmetric smart ring (available for purchase at the Moodmetric webshop), the Moodmetric app (free download) and the Moodmetric Cloud Service.

The Moodmetric smart ring is worn on finger and the measurement results are transmitted by Bluetooth to the Moodmetric App on a smartphone. The results can be followed real-time or viewed when convenient. The data can also be synced to cloud.

The Moodmetric App features include the Real-time View, the Daily Diagram that shows the ring wearer´s stress level on a clock face and the Monthly View.

Practice feature records the stress level accurately during a specified time. This feature is meant e.g. for tracking calmness during a relaxation exercise.
Diary feature lets the user make own notes or import calendar items from the phone. The app specifies the stress level of each item based on the Moodmetric ring measurement.
Analytics is a combined view of each calendar month. Both the Diary items and Daily stress values are shown as in an effective and visual presentation.

The Moodmetric measurement is based on the phenomenon of electrodermal activity
The Moodmetric ring measures electrodermal activity (EDA) of the skin. EDA is generated by activity of the sweat glands. The Moodmetric ring measures the palmar skin on the finger. The unconscious actions of the human body are regulated by the autonomous nervous system, which consists of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic part. The parasympathetic part controls the body’s rest-and-digest functions and the sympathetic system controls the fight-or-flight reactions. The sweat glands are exclusively innervated by the sympathetic nervous system. This makes EDA an ideal measure for sympathetic activation. EDA is a very sensitive indication of emotional and cognitive stress, and is therefore an excellent tool for measuring stress e.g. in knowledge work.
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