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Mosquitoes are animals who do not like Is a vectors Its annoying voice. But we can bring it to pretend our friends do not like it. That include mosquito noise Let us choose to open your friends to distract or feel annoyed with the sound of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are found all over the world, but are found in tropical and warm areas. Personally, I often eat sweet water in flowers. Mosquitoes are also spreading germs, such as mosquitoes. Around the world, there are about 3,450 species, but there are about 412 species in Thailand, but the familiar ones are Anopheles and Aedes.

When mosquitoes suck victim blood Mosquitoes will release saliva, which contains some proteins. And the saliva of the mosquito is still in the penetration. Histamine is the secretion of the histamine. Histamine will stimulate the nerve fibers to send signals to the brain and cause itching. And mosquito saliva protein also stimulates the immune response as well. The biting area (weal) is swollen. Although eventually the swelling will disappear. But the itching remains until the immune system decays the protein.
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