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+ The first version of SMURFY + adventure games and laugh

SMURFY MINI-GAMES - While your village is growing, play several mini-games such as: Smurf's game, Smurf's painting game, Smurf's painter's game, Smurf's fish game and a new Handy Smurf minigame free for unlock additional bonuses.
CONNECT WITH FRIENDS - Share your Smurfs experience on Facebook and send gifts to your friends' villages.
PLAY OFFLINE - manage your village at all times without having to connect to the Internet
Gargamel has launched an evil fog to capture all the Smurfs. The whole village is gone and you're the last remaining Smurf
Discover a new generation runner game with great 2D graphics
COURSE, jump, plane, sprint, cabriole in more than 150 levels to free the captured Smurfs and defeat the henchmen of Gargamel
CHALLENGE your friends and players from around the world to set the weekly tournament record. Who will go further in these unlimited parts
CUSTOMIZE your Smurfs with cute companions, magic rings and other artifacts for great bonuses
Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure
PLAY with your favorite Smurf, including Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Glover Smurf and dozens of other popular characters on an epic adventure, a daily challenge where danger awaits you at every turn. just like the rewards
1 - Many surprises with the game developed for the first time King of the Dragon Game (龍王 戰士 - and - mostafa cadillac and dinosaurs) game of the master of the Knights.

2 - The evolution of more than 500 new surprises and levels for the first time.

3 - A new game developed from scratch with old characters and new events.

Adventures of new games in endless adventures and suspense.

5 - The first version of the new games of "Dragon King" 2020.

6 - The story of the king of heroes in adventures without end.
** a story **
1 - Stories Game King of the Dragon (龍王 戰士) game of the master of the Knights and adventures of a new metro in the events of the hero Mustafa Cadillac slug and the spending of the mouse Ougi and friends who are the brawlers in the embodiment of the story of Tom and small dinosaurs.

Bienne of Mind Concentration Games in Mustapha real adventures.
Dragon Land is a new game filled with wonderful levels
2 - The surprise of the game in the story of the world and the selection of all four superheroes and big fighters in the world of animation and video games old.
3 - War with the metal ninja machines and the Casirean plates with all the means of fighting Soldiers and advanced weapons in the battle against Jerry and the superheroes in the game Metal of beautiful cartoon games.

4 - game Tom king of the most beautiful and best new video games in the adventures and tales of old and new events. Mustafa Cadillac warrior dragon enemies small dinosaurs weak in a new war. With the joining of Bob and the Reds, and the return of the Blue and his friend Munda.

Mustafa adventures without end and endless suspense in stories and tales of the old age.
The world of old games in the new return with the heroes of the new era.
5 - The game in the cat lunge Tom the misguided soldiers and the foe of the fight against the hero Mustafa Cadillac the old ninja warrior with the team of four heroes and Mr. Ribber Bean Kaster in fighting battles and riding a car with the heroes amid the dinosaur forest to fight against the enemies of Mr. Tom Blue in the fort of the fortress, and the expulsion of the forces of evil from the world.
6 - Super speed in the world of new games is better than the speed of racing cars and motorcycles in the old race tracks.
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