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An interesting Innovative way to create music, Tilt Tone is a sensor-based music instrument which takes readings from the device's accelerometer (motion sensor) and translates it into an audio frequency, creating a Theremin-like sound.

The Motion Theremin allows you to create melodic lines of music using simple hand gestures while holding your phone, without touching the screen.

Use the bottom of your device as an axis, and tilt its top back and forth on the Y-axis (Pointing to the floor, straight ahead, and to the ceiling - alternatively, see illustration in the screenshots).

Tilting the device on the X-axis changes the volume, the more you tilt sideways the lower the volume will be.


♬ Sound kind-of like a Theremin sound. I'm still working on it but it's getting there.

♬ You can play exact frequencies of tones in six different scales - Chromatic, Major, Minor, Blues, Pentatonic, and Makam Hijaz.

♬ Choose one of four different wave forms - Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw.

♬ Adjust the tempo of the readings - 60, 120, 180, 240 bpm (e.g. 120bpm will send a reading every 500ms).

♬ Device won't go to sleep while the app is on, which is ideal for live performance.

♬ Mute and Reset buttons.

♬ This is a full-featured version with no in-app purchases, no freemium, and no intrusive ads (only a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen).

♬ Requires practice for good results!


Think you've mastered the art of the Motion Theremin?
I would love to get a video of you playing it so I could feature it, with proper credit of course, on iLyich games' social media networks, and maybe even as the demonstration video for this app!

Send it my way! -


To make it all happen, Tilt Tone uses the following libraries:

★ T "timbre.js" (Synthesis)
★ Insomnia-PhoneGap-Plugin (Keeping the device awake)
★ cordova-plugin-device-motion (Getting accelerometer sensor readings)
★ Teoria.js (Easily converting tones to frequencies)
★ Phaser.js (UI)


Light Theremin - Uses the device's light sensor to create music by turning luminous into frequency.

Steiner's Musical Compass - A compass which plays tones according to the direction of the device (tuned to the circle of fifths).

Voxeltone - Create simple music in a real 3D environment by placing cubes on a 12x12 grid.


Have fun,
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Twitter - @Johnny_Tal
Instagram - iLyich Games
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