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The interactive mobile component of the powerful Soccer Training Platform offered by MOTI™ Sports. Coach your soccer teams with 3D training materials in flexible practice plans. Your invited players view practice plans at any time filled with immersive 3D training materials that prepare them for their next practice. Increase quality coaching time by decreasing the time spent setting up drills or techniques during practice. Off-the-field director and coaching responsibilities are streamlined as practice plans are created, reviewed, copied, and modified on the fly (in the app or pc browser). All this, and more, is in your hands with the MOTI Mobile app and the Soccer Training Platform.
MOTI Mobile app is integrated with the Soccer Training Platform offered by MOTI Sports. Visit for more information. The Soccer Training Platform is available for individual coaches or clubs. Regardless of scale, you can manage a team filled with invited players, share existing or custom practice plans loaded with 3D training materials, prepare for practice, and send messages to players. Our platform removes all the coaching clutter that interferes with parents and inexperienced coach’s ability to produce dynamic and worthwhile practice sessions.
- Interact and learn from 3D soccer training materials you can view from any angle and speed. Learn ball-handling techniques frame-by-frame! Existing training material types do little to match the interactivity and fun of 3D. 3D training materials are motion-captured techniques or team activities.
- The MOTI Mobile app and Soccer Training Platform is a strong educational tool that allows visual learners (a majority of young players and coaches) an insight into the complexities of the game of Soccer.
- All 3D training materials come with audio coaching tips for young players and inexperienced coaches.
- All practice plans and 3D training materials prepared by MOTI Sports were designed for specific age groups. Save yourself or your club time by starting your practice plans with our carefully engineered curriculum.
- All 3D training materials are available with boy or girl characters.
- Many of the 3D training materials are developed with our patented technology creating small file sizes that minimize data usage. Certainly less data than video solutions.
- View 3D training materials in an offline mode to study where data service is limited or further lower data usage.
- Continue to use what works by incorporating other training materials in common file formats into your practice plans, such as videos, documents, photos, and links.
- Use the MOTI practice plans provided or make your own. Access these practice plans via the MOTI Mobile app or
- Review usage analytics that details players using the mobile app, what they viewed, and for how long. You will see who is investing in their skills development and preparing for practice
- Coaches or directors can send messages to an individual player or groups of players. All messages are contained within our Coach’s Page system and logged to keep players and coaches safe.
- If a coach or director wants to broadcast coaching comments they can use the Announcements Board.
- Integrated with MOTI Sports’ Coach’s Page. Coach’s Page is a web and mobile app for accessing practice plans and managing team rosters.
- Multiple locations are provided to upload sponsor ads for your club or team.
- Coaches, clubs, and schools can manage multiple teams.

The MOTI Mobile app and the Soccer Training Platform can help all sized clubs and even individual coaches establish a coaching SYSTEM. Together they serve the past, present, and future of a successful coaching program.
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